Stella Polaris Celebration of the local record store...RSD 2014 is coming

On the 19th april, just when you think it's time to leave the city for easter holiday and forget all about records and music, think again. Nope.. It's the annual RSD day that started back in 2007. And it's now you have to focus if you are a record collector. Vinyl is coming to you. And you better be prepared.

Record Store Day was conceived in 2007 at a gathering of independent record store owners and employees as a way to celebrate and spread the word about the unique culture surrounding nearly 1000 independently owned record stores in the US and thousands of similar stores internationally. There are Record Store Day participating stores on every continent except Antarctica.Read more and get into the background of RSD here

I am old enough to think back on the ”good old days” they are still here..actually
When it was all about being there on the day the records arrived. The excitement and energy in the room of the local record store when you came down. Packed with djs at the turntables, loud music, tons of records flying through the air. New tracks, remixes.... and the ”nooooo damnn, last one is gone” or the relief when getting the tune of the day..
And just imagine… How much music has and still is coming out of record digging ?  Where would hip hop been without + club music ?….and you ?
But... thats all gone. Many of my local hero stores around are gone..history. But ther are still beaitful islands of vinyl around if you take a closer look. And that's what its all about now. Getting you out in the streets, out in the shops and re-discover the vinyl digging.

The latest Moodymann album
But don't forget your local record store. Keep coming back. Keep digging. Celebrating your local record store is not just one day. It's a weekly routine, maybe even daily. Dropping in, getting inspired. Buy that old jazz record with Art Pepper and pay a bloody fortune. Or being one of lucky ones to get the new Moodymann LP before its gone – sold out.
Getting a quick coffee with the kids and your local vinyl pusher. Letting him keep you addicted by digging that record out that day and making you realize, that you can't continue life without it.... and home you go with a record you never thought of, and you in heaven. Feeling being spoiled.

And just maybe..maybe this record that I worked on getting ready for RSD 2014 is just that one, that will save your day. Together with StellaPolaris we have produced a limited edition 12'' inch in clear loving deep bloody murderous red. It's a first time vinyl release of these two classic Stella Polaris tunes, some of the most popular ever lasting remixes especially produced for the Stella Polaris event in mind:

Side A: Choir of Young Believers
"Hollow Talk "Lulu Rouge's Stella Polaris Remix"

Side AA: Tina Dickow "Break of Day"
"The Stella Polaris Allstars Remix"

The Chase - Get the record  & where to get it.
On the 19th april you will be able to walk into these stores
 (Follow Stella Polaris on facebook and twitter with stores update) in:


Soundstation / www.soundstation.dk
Route 66 / Link til Facebook 

Moby Disc / www.moby-disc.dk

Cafe Stardust / Link
Route 66 / Link to info

If you are not one of the lucky ones living close to a RSD shop, you can have a chance to order it online via the official Stella Polaris store. Stella Polaris cannot ship until the 28th april due to the release in intendted for the shops. But we acknowledge, that there are fans out there who simply do not have access to the sacret rooms of a local record store. And you should still have the chance to purchase this wonderful peace of vinyl.


New album coming with Hess/ AC/ Hess Spacelab + release concert 21 march in Jazzhouse - Copenhagen

Hess/ AC/ Hess Spacelab
First steps into the new album 

Nikolaj 'The Champ' Hess -Piano / Wurlitzer / Organ
Anders 'AC 'Christensen - Accoustic / Electric Bass

Mikkel Hess - Drums

Spacelab continuously celebrates their 25 year anniversary. Dating back to shared childhood in Vejle, Denmark, it is still unclear when this group was actually formed - but the musical explorations feels like they are really just getting started.
Spacelab released their long anticipated first album 'Spacelab - The Champ' in 2009. The album was produced by the now legend Jens Mikkelsen and features the music of Nikolaj 'The Champ' Hess in full glory. The album is a celebration of the 7 year long (and ongoing) residency that Spacelab has held at Copenhagen Jazzhouse with Nikolaj as the bandleader. A late night series that over the years has turned into one of the praised traditions of The Copenhagen Jazz Festival.
Spacelab was named one lengthy night in Copenhagen 1997 under the influence of Violin, Piano and Percussion.

The new album.

On March 13th 2014 Hess/ AC/ Hess Spacelab is releasing their second album.
The trio has been working on the album for a long time. Several of the tunes have been an integral part of the trio's signature repertoire for years, while others are completely new.
The record will present an entirely acoustic and more poetic, subtle, deep felt side of the trio, where the first, acclaimed "Spacelab - The Champ" with Hammond organ, released in 2009, showed a wilder and unrestrained live feeling, created on Copenhagen Jazz Festivals intense night concerts over many years.

The new album is a beautiful and soulful record with 9 original tunes, including some of Hess/AC/Hess’s compositions for movies.
You can look forward contemporary and present trio jazz in its finest form, where intimate compositions and catchy grooves create a virtuoso, poetic musical universe.

1. Jamil (AC)
2. Up (N. Hess)
3. Super 8 (M. Hess)
4. Concorde Je T'aime (AC)
5. Altona (N. Hess)
6. Sunday Grace (M. Hess)
7. Habibi (AC)
8. New & Gone (N. Hess)
9. Lu Bird (M. Hess)

The Release concerts:

The trio will perform exclusive celebrations of the music live 

13. march Slagelse Musikhus. (Tickets here)

21. march Jazzhouse in Copenhagen  feat. special guests:
Anne Trolle, Rune Olesen & Gustaf Ljunggreen
More info on the show: Jazzhouse

Jesper Graugaard
Contact: pgspecialagent(a)gmail.com




PG selling cds and vinyls on Discogs and Amazon. For the full music experience - world-wide -

Get the music on cd or vinyl wherever you are.

I am currently working on many new shop modules for artists I work with. But to asure that the music is where you are on the web, I am just added a shop on Discogs and Amazon.com.

Amazon store

Here you will primarily find releases by artists I work with but in time also 2nd items and special releases. It's jazz, indie, electronica and special items.

Currently you can buy cds and vinyl with:

 Lulu Rouge
Hess/ Scherr/Wollesen
 Kirstine Stubbe Teglbjærg
Stella Polaris Music
 Blue Foundation 

 and more will be added.

Prices are in general 13.50 € for single cds 
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I ship via Post Danmark. I know its a bit pricy, but its works and their track and trace for vinyls are safe.


Henrik List modtager massiv medieinteresse for sin nye roman

Mænd i krise, medier i selvsving og middelklasseværdier på udebane

’Sex skandalen’ eksploderer i de hjemlige medier, mens kunstneren går under jorden i sit thailandske eksil, nær den syndige badeby Pattaya. Skarpt forfulgt af to vidt forskellige danske journalister, der på hver deres måde forsøger at holde hovedet koldt i en dampende tropisk noir-kulisse fuld af korrupte politifolk, sociale kontraster, fristende kvinder og buddhistisk mystik …

SOLEN SKINNER ALDRIG PÅ EN GO-GO BAR er en hårdkogt, satirisk og sansemættet roman om mænd i krise, medier i selvsving og middelklasse på udebane i 2010’ernes globaliserede virkelighed.

- forfatteren Henrik List er på banen igen

og kan bookes nu til oplæsninger + foredrag

Forfatteren Henrik List udgiver ny sin nye bog ”Solen skinner aldrig på en go-go bar” på Lindhardt og Ringhof, og anmeldere samt medier tager rigtigt godt imod bogen. Alene i disse dage er der sket følgende:

4 stjerner i Ekstra Bladet (søndag 2/2) til "Solen skinner aldrig på en go-go-bar": "Veloplagt, kompromisløs og stærkt underholdende".

4 ud af 6 stjerner i JP + Stort interview over 2 helsider i Jyllands-Posten d. 25 jan 2014.

5 stjerner i denne uges Alt for Damerne  22 jan.2014

6 stjerner i Femina i første uge af februar.

Medvirkede i TV-Lorrys program "Lounge" onsdag den 29/1

Forygende foromtale i Lokalavisen Vesterbro/Lokalavisen Frederiksberg torsdag den 30/1.

Desuden giver Henrik List interviews i:

  • Interview i Politiken torsdag den 30/1
  • Interview i Berlingske fredag 31/1
  • Interview i Go'morgen DK på tv2  1/2 ml. 11.30 og 12.00
  • Interview i Information lørdag den 1/2 
  • Interview i Vesterbrobladet første uge af februar.
  • Interview i Jyske Vestkysten fredag den 7/2

    Lyt til Henrik List på Radio2syv

    Kommende arrangementer, hvor du kan møde forfatteren Henrik List:

    Fredag den 14. februar kl. 20 på Kolding Bibliotek

    Lørdag den 15. februar kl. 15-16 i Kristian F. Møllers Boghandel, St. Torv, Århus

    Torsdag 6. marts, Blågårdens Bibliotek, Nr.bro

    Torsdag den 13. marts, signering i boghandelen Tranqebar i Borgergade, Kbh. K


    En berømt, ældre dansk kunstner har angiveligt brugt mindreårige thaipiger som modeller på Gauguin-inspirerede nøgenfotos til sin kommende udstilling … på Statens Museum for Kunst.

    Sexskandalen’ eksploderer i de hjemlige medier, mens kunstneren går under jorden i sit thailandske eksil, nær den syndige badeby Pattaya. Skarpt forfulgt af to vidt forskellige danske journalister, der på hver deres måde forsøger at holde hovedet koldt i en dampende tropisk noir-kulisse fuld af korrupte politifolk, sociale kontraster, fristende kvinder og buddhistisk mystik …

    SOLEN SKINNER ALDRIG PÅ EN GO-GO-BAR er en hårdkogt, satirisk og sansemættet roman om mænd i krise, medier i selvsving og middelklasse på udebane i 2010’ernes globaliserede virkelighed.

    Romanen udkommer midt i vinterferie-højsæsonen for de omkring 150.000 danskere, som hvert år rejser til Thailand. Og det er ikke svært at se lighederne med den såkaldte Jørgen Leth-'skandale' for nogle år siden, når forfatteren Henrik List her i sin anden roman veloplagt spidder den kreative, politisk korrekte danske middelklasses forundring over, at resten af verden tilsyneladende hverken kan eller vil leve ligesom os

Forfatteren kan bookes her hos PG Special Agent fra januar 2014 til disse nye litteraturshows:

Henrik List: ”Solen skinner aldrig på en go-go-bar”
Oplæsning fra den topaktuelle roman fra det Thailand, som hvert år besøges af ca. 150.000 danske turister. Med feriehøjsæson lige nu i januar, februar og marts!

List - Live & Levende …
List er oppe på beatet, når han læser op fra sine nyere bøger – bl.a. ”Pussyland”, ”Scener fra Sunset Boulevard” og ”Solen skinner aldrig på en go-go-bar”. Et intenst, personligt og frit flydende oplæsningsshow - krydret med ’sex, drugs & rock’n’roll’-historier fra forfatterens eget liv.www.henriklist.dk

Henrik List med Simon Toldams Trio: Broken Word – Jazz & Prosa
List læser op, og Simon Toldams Trio river ned. Sanselig, hårdtpumpet prosa og skarp, dekonstruktivistisk bebop-jazz. Der bliver hældt historier i klaveret og øl i halsen i dette spoken word-show med Simon Toldams Trio + evt. Jokeren som special guest ( NB: Dette show kan KUN bookes for perioden juni 2014 til september 2014 og er velegnet til festivaler, højskoler etc.) Lyt her: 

I efteråret 2010 udkom Lists anmelderskamroste, kulturhistoriske rejsessay
”Scener fra Sunset Boulevard” (se anmeldelser på www.tiderneskifter.dk/default.asp?pid=2&bogid=512).

I foråret 2009 udkom den også særdeles velanmeldte og bredt medieomtalte debutroman ”Kære fucking dagbog” (se anmeldelser påwww.kaerefuckingdagbog.dk). Romanen er nu udsendt i fem oplag samt som henholdvis e-bog og lydbog (Lindhardt og Ringhof).

Læs mere om List og hans bøger: