Stella Polaris "The X" - yes the 10th compilation from the biggest chillout festival in the world

Stella Polaris - The X
Exclusive tracks + remixes

Out on CD + download + stream world-wide 04th August 2014

with music from 

Days of May - Grand National - Phil Collins - T.O.M. And His Computer -

Max Sedgley - Level 42 - Rumpistol feat. Indians - Robbie Williams –

Culture Club - Grand National - David Bowie - Level 42 and more

The people behind the biggest chill-out event in the world from Copenhagen brings you the finest chill-out & downtempo compilation from the capital up north.14 exclusive new tunes and special ”Stella Polaris Remixes” especially selected for best free summer events across Denmark during july and august. In 2 weeks Stella Polaris is coming to 5 cities and playing for more than 100.000 chillin souls and music lovers. 
Check schedule for the 5 cities here: full 2014 line-up:

As the end of the summer kicks in in the heart of the Scandinavian soul, Stella Polaris is bringing free music events across the country with an packed line-up of more than 20 djs and live acts. Music from the various genres and always a blend of both big international names. In the past we had Moby, LTJ Bukem, Nick Warren, Groove Armada, Tom Middleton, Evan Pearson, Leftfield amo. who performed along local stars like Lulu Rouge, Trentemøller, Opiate, Stella Polaris Allstars, Nicka resident Dj and most loveable host Kalle B+ many more. Always a electric mix of styles, moods and surprises. In the capital 30.000 are visting the park for a all-day music event, and with 4 more cities, Stella Polaris will be joined by more than 100.00 people being lazy in the sun.

The compilations in the past have always been a tasteful selection of electronic music. Introducing new names along special dedicated ”Stella Polaris” remixes. Especially the Stella Polaris Remixes have introduced the vibes of Stella Polaris to a bigger international audience who might never have been in Denmark, but like good music. Artists like Forster The People, Tracy Thorn, Moby, Laid back, Spooky, Trentemøller, Choir Of Young Believers, Lulu Rouge, Groove Armanda have all dedicated remixes to the festival. And this year we have special ”Stella Polaris remixes” with Phil Collins, Culture Club, Level 42 and Grand National on the set list. Mixed with a fabulous and lush set of tracks that will keep you warm and gently shine like the long summer nights of Scandinavia... Remember, we stay up late and have short nights during summer with blessed sunsets and rises..

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The full track-list of "The X" is:

Days of May - You and I

Ashibah - Game Over - Stella Polaris Remix

Grand National - Talk Amongst Yourselves - Leo Ryan's Stella Polaris Remix

Phil Collins - The Roof Is Leaking - Nicka’s Stella Polaris Interpretation

Nantes - Unsatisfy - T.O.M. And His Computer's Stella Polaris Remix

Max Sedgley - Slowly - Santiga's Stella Polaris Remix

Myke Terry - Come As You Are

Level 42 - The Sun Goes Down - Asle, Pete Gooding & Nicka on a Stella Polaris mission

David Bowie - Love Is Lost - Hello Steve Reich Mix by James Murphy for the DFA

Mads Björn - I Have Nothing To Say (feat. Rick Astley) - Cemetary's Stella Polaris Remix

Rumpistol feat. Indians - Drifting With The Water

Culture Club - Do You Really Want To Hurt Me – Bue & ILLs Stella Polaris

August – Proud

Robbie Williams - Feel - Nicka & Asle's Sensitive Stella Polaris Remix


Join the jazz festival with new releases, stars, surprises and fantastic summer nights

It's Festival season in Copenhagen now. As the Roskilde Festival kicks in today with opening act Outcast today the 03rd, the Copenhagen Jazz Festival starts tomorrow on the 4th. And along the Cph Festival there is also The Summer Jazz Festival in Valby beginning this friday the 4th July.

The line-up this year at Copenhagen Festival is as always a fantastic mix of classic and news. International and Danish jazz melting together making the city one big music stage of exciting sounds, vibes, grooves and jams.

Here from PG Special Agent most artist are out playing and the most easy way to find the dates is looking through the massive programming here:

There are many many highlights so its just about getting out there and feel the music.

I have a few recommendations here for you with new and established talents from the Copenhagen jazz scene.

Thomas Maintz + Aron Parks 05 July

Danish guitarist Thomas Maintz will be releasing new album ”Present” feat. bassist Scott Colley and drummer Johnathan Blake. Since the highly acclaimed debut ”This is The Color” the expectations for the followup album is high. I already had a close listen, and I think that Maintz has come up with an even stronger album. Can't wait till the album hits the streets/ shops.

Maintz will be playing several shows and there is one in particular to watch out for: his performance with US pianist Aron Parks.

Esben Brandt Quartet feat. Aron Parks 05 July.

Young guitarist Esben Brandt just released his 2nd album entitled ” Constants” and is feat. an international line-up with RJ Miller – Drums, Tomasz Dabrowski – Trumpet  and Anders Christensen – Double bass.

The music uses simple and intuitive melodies solidly founded in the Nordic jazz tradition. There is space, which enables the ensemble to create a whole music expression, to explore and react to each other and the music. The simplicity gives the music a great dramatic and dynamic potential. It creates tension and a fragility that is very aesthetically pleasing. It is very clear that there is an excess of technical ability and that makes the music speak very clearly and intently. 

Esben Brandt will be joined live at Krudttønden with his Quartet feat. 
RJ Miller – Drums,
 Tomasz Dabrowski – Trumpet, 
Anders Christensen – Double bass 
and special guest 
Aron Parks - Piano.

Carsten Dahl
Carsten Dahl, who is considered the most important pianist currently in Denmark  also has busy festival. I can strongly recommend two shows feat. Dahl.

07 July jazzhus Montmartre – Release concert 

Carsten Dahl/ piano - Lennart Ginman/ Bass - 
Frands Rifbjerg /drums

This afternoon, Carsten Dahl releases his new trio CD - A GOOD TIME. A recording he wanted to release for some time. The recording sparkles of joy and musicians who are comfortable in each other's company. Drummer Frands Rifbjerg and bass player Lennart Ginman both contributes with superb playing.

08 July at Betty Nansens Teater  

Carsten does not only perform at Copenhagen Jazz Festival but also Summer jazz  taking place in Valby & Frederiksberg.

Here Carsten Dahl join a line-up of international stars in the company of 

Michala Petri / Carsten Dahl / Scott Colley (US) / Benjamin Koppel / Henrik Dam Thomsen / John Hadfield (US)

A dazzling line-up of musicians and one of the most legendary theaters of Copenhagen. Not to be missed.

And not to forget: 
All the Ilk's, The Barefoot, the late night SpacelabSessions, Thorsten Moore from Sonic Youth crashing my favorite Record shop Soundstation  and more than 1000 other concerts during these fine Jazzdays here in Copenhagen. Now go out...feel the vibe !!!!


Sunshinepeople and the Mud - sounds and beats from the Copenhagen electronicascene with Dodebum

Danish/ Swedish  producer Dodebum is out with 1st part of a series on 3 track eps introducing new Danish electronica. The releases will be out on the PG Sounds imprint during 2014.

Sunshinepeople and The Mud” is the beginning of a new chapter for Dodebum and marks the final debut of the music output as a solo artist.

Dodebum has been collaborating with various perfomers in the last year or so. Kresten Osgood, Maria Laurette Friis, Kirstine Stubbe Teglbjærg and MC Jabber. Also produced the soundtrack for the theatre performance Black Out !! by Mute-Comp Physical Theartre

The music is electronic, and with the first ep ”Sunshinepeople in the Mud” Dodebum is finally introducing the first step to the final series release of 3 eps with abstract melodic electronica.

Artist: Dodebum

Title: Sunshinepeople in the Mud

Label: PG Sounds

Cat-No: PGS002

More info:





Stella Polaris Celebration of the local record store...RSD 2014 is coming

On the 19th april, just when you think it's time to leave the city for easter holiday and forget all about records and music, think again. Nope.. It's the annual RSD day that started back in 2007. And it's now you have to focus if you are a record collector. Vinyl is coming to you. And you better be prepared.

Record Store Day was conceived in 2007 at a gathering of independent record store owners and employees as a way to celebrate and spread the word about the unique culture surrounding nearly 1000 independently owned record stores in the US and thousands of similar stores internationally. There are Record Store Day participating stores on every continent except Antarctica.Read more and get into the background of RSD here

I am old enough to think back on the ”good old days” they are still here..actually
When it was all about being there on the day the records arrived. The excitement and energy in the room of the local record store when you came down. Packed with djs at the turntables, loud music, tons of records flying through the air. New tracks, remixes.... and the ”nooooo damnn, last one is gone” or the relief when getting the tune of the day..
And just imagine… How much music has and still is coming out of record digging ?  Where would hip hop been without + club music ?….and you ?
But... thats all gone. Many of my local hero stores around are gone..history. But ther are still beaitful islands of vinyl around if you take a closer look. And that's what its all about now. Getting you out in the streets, out in the shops and re-discover the vinyl digging.

The latest Moodymann album
But don't forget your local record store. Keep coming back. Keep digging. Celebrating your local record store is not just one day. It's a weekly routine, maybe even daily. Dropping in, getting inspired. Buy that old jazz record with Art Pepper and pay a bloody fortune. Or being one of lucky ones to get the new Moodymann LP before its gone – sold out.
Getting a quick coffee with the kids and your local vinyl pusher. Letting him keep you addicted by digging that record out that day and making you realize, that you can't continue life without it.... and home you go with a record you never thought of, and you in heaven. Feeling being spoiled.

And just maybe..maybe this record that I worked on getting ready for RSD 2014 is just that one, that will save your day. Together with StellaPolaris we have produced a limited edition 12'' inch in clear loving deep bloody murderous red. It's a first time vinyl release of these two classic Stella Polaris tunes, some of the most popular ever lasting remixes especially produced for the Stella Polaris event in mind:

Side A: Choir of Young Believers
"Hollow Talk "Lulu Rouge's Stella Polaris Remix"

Side AA: Tina Dickow "Break of Day"
"The Stella Polaris Allstars Remix"

The Chase - Get the record  & where to get it.
On the 19th april you will be able to walk into these stores
 (Follow Stella Polaris on facebook and twitter with stores update) in:


Soundstation / www.soundstation.dk
Route 66 / Link til Facebook 

Moby Disc / www.moby-disc.dk

Cafe Stardust / Link
Route 66 / Link to info

If you are not one of the lucky ones living close to a RSD shop, you can have a chance to order it online via the official Stella Polaris store. Stella Polaris cannot ship until the 28th april due to the release in intendted for the shops. But we acknowledge, that there are fans out there who simply do not have access to the sacret rooms of a local record store. And you should still have the chance to purchase this wonderful peace of vinyl.