Artists added: Little Red Suitcase and Fredrik Lundin

I can now introduce 2 news bands that I will work with in the future. I am really proud to work with these fine musicians and I am looking very much forward to introduce them to you.

Little Red Suitcase

Little Red Suitcase is a Danish/ Spanish/German duo from Copenhagen and Berlin. Their music is a wonderful crazy journey into impro, jazz, cabaret, folklore  and very intense live energy. Have released 2 albums so far.
We are currently planning a long term strategy looking 2 years ahead. But right now we have tour plans for 2010 coming up. For  more info look into Artist Represenation section  or contact me for further info, tracks and links.

Listen to one of their songs here, or go to the Artist representation in the bare to the left...

Little Red Suitcase " Well, I Don't Care"  by  PG Special Agent

Offpiste Gurus

Offpiste Gurus is Danish saxplayer Fredrik Lundins new project. Together with singer Trine Lise Væring they have created a very energized live band that brings their love for music alive. With references to jazz, rock, soul and improvised music they are a live band with exceptional feel and vibe.
The live line-up include a groovy bunch of jazzheads: Rune Funch (Gui), Thomas vang (Bass), Jeppe Gram (dr)..
I will do their booking for Scandinavia summer 2010.
Just click into the Artist Section or contact me for all the good stuff.

There is more coming up. I will keep it posted here as we are ready.


Past History

I have worked in the music industry  for 15 years. In many forms and many different positions. To give you a better picture on my musical focus, here are some references to projects, artists, labels and organisations I have worked for or with in the past. 

For further references and details, please do contact me.

April Records, Virgin/ EMI Denmark, 
Music For Dreams, Ninja Tune, Warp Records,  Soma, Nuphonic, Renaissance,  Good Looking a.m.o 

Mostly electronica and jazz artists such as
Blue Foundation (DK), Bjørn Svin(DK), Tatsuki (Japan), Hess Is More (DK), Jørgen Leth (DK) Jacob Anderskov(DK), Lotte Anker (DK), Jazzkamikaze (DK) Opiate (DK), People Press Play (DK), Carsten Nicolai (D) Little Red Suitcase (DK/D/E) DJ Klock (Japan), Dj Krush (Japan), Minilogue (swe) a.m.o

Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Roskilde Festival, Jazz Ahead.

Jazz Danmark
 R.O.S.A. ( Dansk Rock Sammenråd)

Zona de Obras (Spain)
Jazzthetik (Germany)
Jazz Podium(Germany)
Denmarks National Radio P3.

IO  (Fashion label),  Guess Jeans Italy


Up and Running. Lets get started

Wellcome to PG Special Agents blog.

I am a freelance music and culture agent. I mainly have focus on  various forms of jazz and electronic music and cross-culture productions. I have created this blog instead of a big fancy website. I  feel that by time this blog will evolve and bring info on artists and projects I will be involved with.

I am just starting up new set up here, so everything is  very new and fresh, and the whole setup behind this blog with artists, contracts, contacts and all the paperwork is currently in proces.

Educated M.A. in Art History from Courtauld Institute of Arts in London, I have been part of  culture outputs since the mid 90s.  Have had a flirt with software bizz for the past 2 years,  but its the crazy music that makes my heart and soul  jump. So I am back in black - so to speak.

I am currently setting up my new company PG Special Agent. Right now I  have just started with Little Red Suitcase. A wonderful duo here from Copenhagen. Featuring Elena from Spain and Johanna from Germany, there is  truly a european and unique feeling  around this act. A mix of improvised music, jazz, classical and cabaret, LRS is a duo that will surprise..

We are currently planning tours, so keep an eye out there.. They are planning Europe, China, US and Canada for 2010.

At Stella Polaris things are also busy, The full catalogue is soon out on http://www.beatport.com/
And our first attempt into Xmas chilled beats has been so well recived everywhere in the danish press.
The  " Dansk Vinterhygge" ( Something like Cozy Danish Winther) CD went straight to TOP 10 at the Danish Downloadchart at No. 09.

I hope you will find some of the projects that I am involved in interesting. If you need to get more info or want to contact me, please do not hesitate in emailing me.

Looking forward hearing from you.

Now, lets get things going. There are more projects coming up.