Merry Xmas with Stella Polaris

At Stella Polaris we are celebrating Xmas with tons of snow dropping down from the sky. We haven't had such a winterXmas in years.
Løwenstein stayed in his studio and mixed down the perfect chilled stella mix with  tracks we have released in 2010 together with other electronic gems by Black Dog,  Burial,  Dr. Dre, Murcof, Sasha Funke and many others. Its all an hour long for you to enjoy free and download..

Merrry Xmas..

  Løwenstein - Stella Polaris White Snow mix 2010 by Stella Polaris Music 


Danish Music Award nominee Thomas Maintz now at Special Agent

Thomas Maintz is one of the big surprises on the danish jazz scene in 2009/10. His debut album "This is the Color"  came out  in  september and took both the jazzfans and press surprise and praise. 

The album is feat.  highly acclaimed jazz musicians like Morten Lund (Stefano Bollani trio), Jesper Løvdal (part of the ILK collective), and Thomas Fonnesbæk (Lars Jansson). 

Since its release in 2009 the rumour has slowly spread across the jazz world. From Jazznytt in Norway to All About Jazz in USA, jazzfans are picking up on the album. 

Be sure to watch out for Thomas Maintz in 2011.
Listen to 2 outtakes from the album "This is the Color" here:


... the winners are? Jakob Bro and Sinne Eeg receiving Danish Music Awards 2010

Yesterday night was the annual Danish Music Awards (Danish Grammy), and 3 artists from PG Special Agent were nominated for their outstanding musical output during 2009/10. 

Jakob Bro received the award for "Best Jazz release" his "Balladeering".
An album feat. Konitz (sax), Frisell (gui), Motian (dr), Street (sax) and must be considered the major breakthrough for Jakob and his music. The album has received  world-wide recognition and is highly acclaimed for its strong emotional minimal jazz.
Jakob Bro "Balladeering"   listen                                                       

In the category "Best Vocal Jazz" Sinne Eeg  received a award again for her outstanding vocal performance for her recent album "Don't Be so Blue"
We are currently working on shows in US + Canada for 2011, so check her out, she is the strongest vocal in danish jazz right now..

Listen  to "Don't Be so Blue" Listen


Jakob Bro, Sinne Eeg and Nikolaj Hess nominated for Danish Music Awards 2010

Attention of this kind is allways nice to read about.  And it makes me proud to work with such fine talent. 
Among the artist that I am currently working with, 3 of them have been nominated for the annual Danish Music AwardsIn the catogry "Best Jazz Release"  both Nikolaj Hess and Jakob Bro have been nominated. 

Jakob Bro "Balladeering"   listen                                                       

Nikolaj Hess "Global Motion"  listen

In the category "Best Vocal Jazz"

       Sinne Eeg "Don't Be so Blue" Listen

Nikolaj Hess is also nominated in this category due to his collaboration with Sissel Vera Pettersen and the album "A Word"  listen


You can see al nominated acts here: Gaffa.On the 14 november we will know much more.. Congratulations to all of you , and thanks for the music.


Nikolaj Hess and Global Motion ready for US + Canada tour 2011

Nikolaj Hess is a rare jazz talent. I cant wait to introduce him to you... We are preparing some live shows for US + Canada in 2011. For this I have collected some tracks from various releases, so you can get a feeling with the Hess talent. There are outtakes from His Global Motion project which will be touring in 2011 in the US. 

The linup for Global Motion - live in 2011 will be with Marc Mommaas on sax, Jay Anderson on bass, Tony Moreno on drums and Nikolaj on the piano.
Listen here to tracks from both his Global Motion, Nikolaj Hess Trio as well as his hammond inferno with Spacelab. 


Jazz singer Sinne Eeg getting ready for USA + Canada jazz festivals 2011

Sinne Eeg is a jazzsinger from Denmark. She has done 5 albums since 2003, and is considered one of the most important jazzsingers right now here in Scandinavia. I am really proud to work for here in collaboration with her management IN Music. 

Our aim is to produce a live tour with a strong line-up of us jazz cats. It will be with George Colligan (pi), Joshua Ginsburg (bs) and EJ Strickland(dr).  Here is a link for her performance at the Black Diamond last year here in Copenhagen

Sinne Eeg performing "Writing on the Wall" 


TV sync for Offpiste Gurus + Umeå Festival performance.

Its allways important to get music placed in various scenarios. And especially when it comes to moving pictures, as this can really help the artist and promote the music. Therefore I am really pleased to have closed 2 sync for the danish jazz artist Offpiste Gurus.

Currently I can not go into further details, as these programs are still in production. But Offpiste Gurus will have to instrumental versions from tracks of their latest album in TV programs on Danish National TV during 2011.

And, speaking about finalized projects with them. I hooked up with Umeå Jazz Festival at this year Jazz Ahead in Bremen and gave them new tracks by Offpiste, which opened the door for at gig up north. The band will play there on the 30th october..


Aebeloe OUT on Beatport TODAY

Really happy to see Aebeloe on Beatport now.  4 wonderful tracks introducing 3 danish electronica artists. Check the tracks in the player.
Its really nice electronica fro  only 18 year old producer Natal from Aarhus here in Denmark...

Go to Beatport.comGet These TracksAdd This Player


New release with Aebeloe on Stella Polaris

Dear Friends. 
Behind the name Aebeloe is the very young producertalent Natal Zaks. His is the first artist to introduce the lastest label project that I am working on for Stella Polaris. It's about small secrets, music and new talent within the electronic music sphere.

He lives and works in Aarhus, Denmark, but his musical talent will hopefully soon be discovered by the rest of the world.
From his studio there is techno, electronica and ambient, and he seems to master them all. I am very excited to work with Natal and I really hope you guys will be as excited about his music. It will be on Beatport from the 12th september, but you can pre-listen to the ep here:


Listen to the new release with Little Red Suitcase & Lars Skinnebach and FREE DOWNLOADS

Dear Friends. 
I am very happy to offer you a entire full listening of the new album with Little Red Suitcase and their collaboration with Danish poet Lars Skinnebach.
It the album "Enhenver betydning er også en mislyd" , softly translated into "Every meaning is also a distortion".
You'll get 2 full tracks for FREE DOWNLOAD. Its pretty mad spokenword, free impro jazz  with very expressive singing and vocall performances.

Hope you like it, and even dare to buy. You deal directly with the artist by shopping their music on this site.

<a href="http://littleredsuitcase.bandcamp.com/album/enhver-betydning-er-ogs-en-mislyd">1 by Little Red Suitcase</a>

Looking forward having your respond.

Best for today 


Moby & Lulu Rouge + Stella Polaris Allstars entering Itunes TOP 15 chart in Denmark

Dear Friends. 
I am currently pushing the first single from the forthcoming Stella Polaris compilation "no.6". Its the outstanding Lulu Rouge/ Stella Polaris Allstars remix of Moby's classic "Natural Blues" especially remixed for Stella.

The track has been released 2 days ago for Denmark and is now No.1 in the electronica section and entered first at 56 on the "Most Downloaded" section. Now its already TOP 15 and still climbing.

So lovely !!!

Get the track here on ITUNES:

Download Moby - natural blues på iTunes


Stella Polaris "No.6" soon ready. Listen to some of the tracks here

Dear Friends. 
Its only a few days until Stella Polaris takes place here in Denmark, and we are busy getting everything ready. I am busy with label work. We have a wonderful lineup of artists this year with both Ewan Pearson, LTJ Bukem , Yoav among the headlining acts.

The Cd is ready and done. 13 new tracks will arrive soon in CD format and for download. Here is a teaser for the release feat. exclusive tracks by Moby, Yoav, Mason and more. Mobys classic "Natural Blues" has been remixed by Lulu Rouge and Stella especially for this compilation. The track is released as download single in Denmark only and went straight in the TOP 20 on Itunes Denmark.

Listen and enjoy here


Small Secrets - New music project

I am nearly ready to publish news about the new series of music releases for Stella Polaris.
Small Secrets” will introduce new electronica here from Denmark. First release will be with danish newcomer Aebeloe, and the 2nd release will be a collaboration between August and Mikkel Metal.

You can already listen to some of the remixes from the first release, which is feat. Remixes by Spejderrobot and Det Sejler I Effekter. Just scroll down the news here in the news section and you will find sound.

I am really happy about the artwork which is created together with Stewart .
We have continued working with the ”Butterfly” from Stella Polaris. Hope you like it.

As soon as a release date is confirmed more news about the music, videos etc. will follow.


Stella Polaris mixed by Löwenstein by Stella Polaris Music

While preparing for the forthcoming Stella Polaris Compilation vol. 6, you can enjoy a free download of a DJ mix with classics from the back catalogue. Enjoy your summer holidays Stella Polaris mixed by Löwenstein by Stella Polaris Music


Jakob Bro; more press and youtube.

Dear Music friends.

Since Jazz Ahead things has been kind hectic here at the Copenhagen office. Mucho following up with artists, agents and press. The festival period is soon beginning.

Jakob Bro feedback is really impressive. Journalists and critics around the world are by his latest release "Balladeering". Henning Bolte from Jazz Magazine in Holland, gave it 5 out of 5, aned will be following up with a big feature on Jakob Bro in German JazzThetik soon.
Coming reviews in magazines and blogs such as:

and more is coming up.

Jakob Bro "Balladeering" now on Youtube
Celebrating that the documentary movie "Recording Balladeering" will be presented at Copenhagen Jazz Festival on the 8th July 2010, we can now introduce tasters on

Enjoy the discreet atmosphere in the studio between jazz legends such as Paul Motian, Bill Frisell, Lee Konitz, Ben Street and composer Jakob Bro.


Povl Dissing Feat. Jakob Bro trio "That Lucky old Sun" coming out on vinyl

Dear Music friends.

Last week one of the true musical legends here in Denmark released a new album. It is the singer/songwriter Povl Dissing. He was invited by Jakob Bro trio to record a jazzz album feat. the trio. They have been in the studio recording 10 wonderful classic songs such as "That Lucky Old Sun", "Blueberry Hill" and more. In pure loved trio jazz style feat. Jakob Bro (gui), Anders Christensen (bs) and Jakob Høyer (dr). Along with backing vocals by Maire Fisker and Mette Lindberg. Some of the fine danish jazz cats are also on as guests, its Jakob Dinesen (sax), Mads Hyhne (tr), Kasper Tranberg (tr).

I went down the the record release and was looking forward to get in on vinyl, but nope. No vinyl done or planned. I couldnt believe it so I made a few phonecalls in order to get this project up and running. And now, this week!! yes. Via friends from the record shop Route 66, its now managed. Its in production and its only a matter of time before the vinyl is out.

More info coming.

long live the 12 inch black vinyl


Elena from Little Red Suitcase is Covergirl for Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2010

Yes, its true. Elena is one of the 2 musicians that Søren Solkær Starbird has photographed for this year Copenhagen Jazz Festival.
Søren is a very wellknown rockstar photographer. He has done U2, Madonna, Michael Stipe and so many other big names.

The other danish musician that Søren has chosen for the Copenhagen Jazz Festival poster is Jakob Høyer.
You can download the posters here


Going to Jazz Ahead in Bremen

This week I will be going to Jazz Ahead for 3 days. It will be wonderful to meet old and new jazz friends, media and contacts. There are more exhibitors than ever before, from all around the world. And its only jazz.
I hope to find new contacts and collaborators as well as listen to a lot of new music. Its the best place in Europe to catch up with the jazzworld.
I have a wonderful selection of artists with me. Little Red Suitcase, Jakob Bro, Ryan Blotnick, Fredrik Lundin and Nikolaj Hess are among the artists I want to introduce.


From tech-house to new york jazz, now working with Baba Black and Ryan Blotnick

As projects are being created new artist progress is also part of my strategy.

I am very proud to announce that I have the opportunity to work with some of the finest musicians in their field.. From the dancefloor in raving night clubs to new jazz in nyc clubs.

Baba Black is the new evil twin of Lulu Rouge. A raving tech-house duo producing fierce tracks of black techhouse.
They are currently busy with Lulu Rouge album, but follow them on the web and check also their latest release out on Palm Out Sounds..
They can come and play in your club. Just contact me.

Ryan Blotnick is a jazz guitar plyer from NYC. He studied here in Copenhagen and I got to know him via the Danish jazz cats. He is a wonderful player.
Form more info and booking please do contat me or check his website.


International press and media work for Jakob Bro

I am very pleased and excited to announce that I am now working freelance for the Danish jazz guitarist and composer Jakob Bro.

Jakob is one of the leading guitar- and bandleaders from his generation. He is a member in both Paul Motian Band (ECM Records) and Thomasz Stankó Quintet (ECM) and has a bandleader recently released "Balladeering". The album is featuring Paul Motian, Bill Frisell, Lee Konitz and Ben Street.

I will work with his international press for "Balladeering" as well as his web and digital profile.

Are you a journalist who would like to review "Balladeering", please do get in contact with me


Little Red Suitcase worldwide viral distribution

Little Red Suitcase releases are now available for both download and cd formats. Via the website bandcamp its now possible to deal directly with the band. No middleman, no label costs - and direct artist business.

check their releases here and enjoy direct artist business:

<a href="http://littleredsuitcase.bandcamp.com/album/theyll-learn-much-more-than-well-never-know">Together they were fearless by Little Red Suitcase</a>


Lulu Rouge - Live cinema:" Berlin: Die Symphonie der Großstadt"

The electronic producer duo Lulu Rouge from Copenhagen are one of the finest electronic producers in Scandinavia. With remixes for artists such as Moby, Groove Armada, Booka Shade, Trentemøller they are "producers choice" . As djs they have toured the world with both their chill and uptempo beats.

Their love for cinema and how music and cinematic emotions can now be experienced live as they have created a live soundtrack performance.

German director Walther Ruttmann created the documentary movie Berlin: Die Sinfonie der Großstadt in 1927. A classical  modern exercise in the facination of the new modern era with the beginning of the 20th century. Lulu Rouge have mastered a soundtrack experience, where sound and picture transforms into  a 21st century interpretation. 
As a 3 piece DJ  with keys setup they perform live an adventurous mix of dark electronic music. They can be booked now for both cinema  events , music festivals and out door shows


Stella Polaris remixes of Groove Armada & Booka Shade charting at Beatport

As label manager I am developing Stella Polaris. Now all releases are available for download and on Beatport. Our latest release "A Handful" eps are charting with remixes of Groove Armada's "Soundbouy Rock"which is currently the most downloaded Groove Armada track. And our remix of M.A.N.D.Y vs Booka Shade "Body Language" is currently the 4th most downloaded Booka Shade track.

You can enjoy the tracks in full length preview  here:

M.A.N.D.Y.vsBooka Shade -Body Language (Stella Polaris Remix)  by  Stella Polaris Music

Groove Armada - Soundboy Rock - Lulu vs. Stella Dub mix  by  Stella Polaris Music