Elena from Little Red Suitcase is Covergirl for Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2010

Yes, its true. Elena is one of the 2 musicians that Søren Solkær Starbird has photographed for this year Copenhagen Jazz Festival.
Søren is a very wellknown rockstar photographer. He has done U2, Madonna, Michael Stipe and so many other big names.

The other danish musician that Søren has chosen for the Copenhagen Jazz Festival poster is Jakob Høyer.
You can download the posters here


Going to Jazz Ahead in Bremen

This week I will be going to Jazz Ahead for 3 days. It will be wonderful to meet old and new jazz friends, media and contacts. There are more exhibitors than ever before, from all around the world. And its only jazz.
I hope to find new contacts and collaborators as well as listen to a lot of new music. Its the best place in Europe to catch up with the jazzworld.
I have a wonderful selection of artists with me. Little Red Suitcase, Jakob Bro, Ryan Blotnick, Fredrik Lundin and Nikolaj Hess are among the artists I want to introduce.