Listen to the new release with Little Red Suitcase & Lars Skinnebach and FREE DOWNLOADS

Dear Friends. 
I am very happy to offer you a entire full listening of the new album with Little Red Suitcase and their collaboration with Danish poet Lars Skinnebach.
It the album "Enhenver betydning er også en mislyd" , softly translated into "Every meaning is also a distortion".
You'll get 2 full tracks for FREE DOWNLOAD. Its pretty mad spokenword, free impro jazz  with very expressive singing and vocall performances.

Hope you like it, and even dare to buy. You deal directly with the artist by shopping their music on this site.

<a href="http://littleredsuitcase.bandcamp.com/album/enhver-betydning-er-ogs-en-mislyd">1 by Little Red Suitcase</a>

Looking forward having your respond.

Best for today