TV sync for Offpiste Gurus + Umeå Festival performance.

Its allways important to get music placed in various scenarios. And especially when it comes to moving pictures, as this can really help the artist and promote the music. Therefore I am really pleased to have closed 2 sync for the danish jazz artist Offpiste Gurus.

Currently I can not go into further details, as these programs are still in production. But Offpiste Gurus will have to instrumental versions from tracks of their latest album in TV programs on Danish National TV during 2011.

And, speaking about finalized projects with them. I hooked up with Umeå Jazz Festival at this year Jazz Ahead in Bremen and gave them new tracks by Offpiste, which opened the door for at gig up north. The band will play there on the 30th october..


Aebeloe OUT on Beatport TODAY

Really happy to see Aebeloe on Beatport now.  4 wonderful tracks introducing 3 danish electronica artists. Check the tracks in the player.
Its really nice electronica fro  only 18 year old producer Natal from Aarhus here in Denmark...

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New release with Aebeloe on Stella Polaris

Dear Friends. 
Behind the name Aebeloe is the very young producertalent Natal Zaks. His is the first artist to introduce the lastest label project that I am working on for Stella Polaris. It's about small secrets, music and new talent within the electronic music sphere.

He lives and works in Aarhus, Denmark, but his musical talent will hopefully soon be discovered by the rest of the world.
From his studio there is techno, electronica and ambient, and he seems to master them all. I am very excited to work with Natal and I really hope you guys will be as excited about his music. It will be on Beatport from the 12th september, but you can pre-listen to the ep here: