Danish Music Award nominee Thomas Maintz now at Special Agent

Thomas Maintz is one of the big surprises on the danish jazz scene in 2009/10. His debut album "This is the Color"  came out  in  september and took both the jazzfans and press surprise and praise. 

The album is feat.  highly acclaimed jazz musicians like Morten Lund (Stefano Bollani trio), Jesper Løvdal (part of the ILK collective), and Thomas Fonnesbæk (Lars Jansson). 

Since its release in 2009 the rumour has slowly spread across the jazz world. From Jazznytt in Norway to All About Jazz in USA, jazzfans are picking up on the album. 

Be sure to watch out for Thomas Maintz in 2011.
Listen to 2 outtakes from the album "This is the Color" here:

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