Jesper from PGspecialAgent now radio host & producer at UK Jazz Radio with "Nordic Sounds"

I am very proud to announce the collaboration between UK Jazz Radio and PG Special Agent.

This collaboration will introduce a new series of monthly programs on UK Jazz Radios European Show Case.  The programs entitled "Nordic Sounds" is a series of programs dedicated to music from the Scandinavian jazz scene.  The program series will be produced in association with producer/ guitarist Thor Madsen. The shows will be broadcasted monthly via UK Jazz Radio, but recorded on-location in Copenhagen.

Thor and Jesper  are still  work in progress getting everything ready, and very excited about it. By march 2012 everything will be ready to produce regular shows, but our first programme is already aired 22nd December 21.CET.

This "Xmas" special will feature some of the highlights from the Danish jazz scene in 2011, and will include tracks by:

  • Pasborgs Odessa 5 X-large
  • Jesper Zeuthen Trio
  • August Rosenbaum Trio
  • IKI
  • Jakob Bro
  • Girls In Airports
  • Jens Winther European Quintet 
  • Orpheus
  • Carsten Dahl
  • Lars Møller
Here are direct links to the shows and UK Jazz Radio show:

Show 22nd December

Hope you will drop by and listen to some great music


Jakob Bro "Time" feat. Bill Frisell, Lee Konitz, Thomas Morgan

Danish guitarist and composer Jakob Bro has just released his follow-up to the ground breaking "Balladeering" from 2009. The new album "Time"  is out now on his own label Lovelands. An album of remarkable musical and poetic qualities.

Again, Bro recorded the album at the Avatar Studio in New York. And again with Bill Frisell (gui) and Lee Konitz (sax). New to the list of international  musicians is Thomas Morgan (bas) with whom Bro is working with here for the first time. 

The album  has 8 tracks, all composed by Bro especially with line-up in mind. I rather not say too much about this masterpiece, but rather prefer you to embrace.

  Jakob Bro - Swimmer by PG Special Agent

For more sound and information on how to get release on either CD or Vinyl, please visit Jakob Bro's website : Jakob Bro Homepage

For press info please contact me on pgspecialagent(a)gmail.com


French jazz improvisers playing with Danish musicians at Charlottenborg

November is the French month at Café Charlottenborg. Marc Ducret, Francois Corneloup and Bruno Chevillon will be visting Copenhagen this month to play with Jakob Kullberg, Mark Solborg and Lotte Anker.

More info on these shows can be found here:

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Henrik List ny vært på Radio24syv - Nattevagten

Hør Henrik List som natradiovært på den nye kanal 24syv fra 5/11-2011.
Radio 24syv sender landsdækkende på P2's tidligere FM-frekvens.

Fra og med lørdag nat (eller tidligt søndag morgen!) den 6. november kan du høre forfatteren Henrik List som live & levende natradio vært på 24syv's "Nattevagten", hvor hani syv nætter i træk ad gangen - mellem midnat og kl. 02.00 - vil bestyre mikrofonen og cdafspilleren. Æteren vil ulme af noir-stemning og virtuel cigaretrøg, lyssky live-gæster og litterære godnathistorier for voksne, når List har "Nattevagten" og byder lytterne indenfor på sit helt eget ... Hotel Blackout ... 

List byder velkommen på Hotel Blackout i "Nattevagten" i disse uger:

Lørdag d.5. november til og med fredag d.11. november.
Lørdag d. 10. december til og med fredag d.16. december.

Lørdag den 7. januar til og med fredag den 13. januar.


Hess is More release + new album: Creation Keeps the Devil Away

"Creation Keeps the Devil Away" is  new collection of tracks from Hess is More.  The album is coming out here in October and to celebrate it there are some very special shows coming up
27+ 28th October at the Royal Danish Theatre.

You can listen to a wonderful mix og both new and old tracks here:
Hess podcast for Notafácil : LINK

Tickets are HERE


Extended ONE SPOT artist line-up for jazz program Charlottenborg

The program for this October here in Copenhagen at Charlottenborg is an expressive blend og both local and international jazz stars. We have invited danish freejazz player Lotte Anker to host 3 nights at the big white room. Lotte Anker has invited  both artists from the local ILK and Copenhagen Jazz Scene, as well as Scandinavian bas player Nina De Heney and swedish dancer Anna Westberg.  Nina and Anna have worked intense together for 15 years expressing dance and bas impro. Check their website for extensive info: www.dancenbass.se/anna-nina
American composer, arranger and guitarist Joel Harrison is visiting Copenhagen for the first time on the  Oct. 29th with his string Quartet. They will perform Harrison's arrangements of Paul Motians music. Harrison has a very exciting line-up for this show including celloplayer Hank Roberts along danish Jakob BroCelebrating Danish music with "Spil Dansk Dagen" with Mark Solborg 4, and you'll find a night of music especially dedicated to danish compositions.

Pre-listen to some of the music you can experience live at ONE SPOT - Jazz @Charlottenborg
ONE SPOT - Jazz @ Charlottenborg by PG Special Agent 

Video links to related artists:

Nina De Heney 

Joel Harrison 

Lotte Anker


New artist representation: Jesper Zeuthen Trio + Henrik List

It's always special to start working with new artists. I am really proud to be able to introduce two new stars among the artists I work with. Both are maestro's within their field.

  • Jesper Zeuthen Trio - Jazz trio
  •  Henrik List - Writer and journalist

Jesper Zeuthen trio is a trio that I feel in love since their first release. Bandleader Jesper Zeuthen (sax) is a legend on the danish jazzscene. Since the late 60's he has been on the front of the scene. Musically and artistically he has always played with the spearheads of the new scene. His history include member og Pierre Dørge´s New Jungle Orchestra and sideman with Abdullah Ibrahim, Don Cherry, Paul Motian, Jakob Bro, Anderskov Accident and many more. 
Adam Pultz Melbye (bas) and Thomas Præstegaard (dr) are they young musicians and with their unique sense of rhythmic, intense playing they give Zeuthen the space and impro he deserves. Very strong and soulful. This is a very INTENSE live experince, which they have now also ready for release.
New album out soon. Listen and download free

Henrik List is one hell of a writer. More related to the late beat generation of american poetry, he surely has his very unique place on the danish litterature scene. Just check his website for links to his books and stories from both the gutter, punks, outsiders of the worlds with all that it takes.

Henrik Lists subjects are often provocative, sexual, intense characters. From the boulevards of L.A. to the streets of Bangkok where ladyboys sell themselves and downtown Copenhagen.

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 Henrik List - Pussyland (Edit) - Spoken word by PG Special Agent 


ONE SPOT @ Charlottenborg - The September Program

The jazz season starts here again in Copenhagen. ONE SPOT - Jazz is due to come 3-4 times a month starting from september. 

ONE SPOT is the new jazzspace in the city center. A  big white empty white room, with no soundsystem, no stage. Just chairs and lots of sound. 

The music is free. Improvisation, innovative. From jazz to classic. Duo's, trio and solo concerts. Acoustic, simple set-ups. No effects. Black chairs will provide comfort zone for audience, who can freely place themselves in the room.

From September to december 2011 you will be able to hear live concerts with artists such as:

Marc Ducret (F), Bruno Chevillon (F), Francois Corneleup (F), Joel Harrison String Choir (USA)

 Lotte Anker (DK), Mark Solborg 4 (DK), Jesper Agesen Trio (DK), IKLism, Jakob Kullbjerg (DK)

 Thomas Maintz Trio (DK), Mikkel Hess (DK), Henrik Vibskov (DK) + more

see also

(Jakob Bro + Nicolai Munch Hansen, live @ ONE SPOT, May 2011)


New chilled Robbie Williams, Agnes Obel, Moby, Asle & Dico + more on the Stella Polaris compilation "Seven Seas"

Currently working with the new Stella Polaris compilation. Very excited about it. Its No. 7 and will be released on the 05th august during the annual chill events in Odense, Aarhus and Copenhagen.

The live line-up is to still not completely public yet, but Moby will be coming. Lulu Rouge and will be coming and I am sure around 30.000 chillin people will com enjoying the sunny days.

About the music... 14 splendid new tracks with exclusive tracks and remixes from Robbie Williams, Foster The People, Groove Armada, Moby, Aebeloe, Agnes Obel among others. Also a gem from the past with Spooky their classic "Little Bullet" especially remixed for this compilatin by Cemetary.

Follow the music here as we give you teasers and tasters from the album.

Right now you can listen to the new Alse & Dico track "Around the world Paper Thin". More teasers will be added. Enjoy and see you for chilled blessings in Denmark between the 05th -07 August


IKI video from release concert 20th June 2011 at Charlottenborg

ONE SPOT at Charlottenborg  finished the first season with The 9 voices in IKI, who performed a breathtaking performance at Café Charlottenborg here in Copenhagen. We were celebrating the release of their debut album, out now via ILK Music. IKI released the album in Scandinavia on the 20th 
June, and will also be out via worldwide download on Itunes.

It was a tremendous evening with the 9 girls performing along with special invited musicians from the jazz and improscene. They showed that they are one of the most innovative, expressive female groups currently on the new music scene in Scandinavia. 

The evening sun was shining through the windows, and the voices kept 200 stunning people captured for 1 hour or more. During the free improvised performance, musicians susch as Lotte Anker (sax/DK), Aino Juutilainen (cello), Tobias Wiklund (trp) and dancers from The Danish National School of Conetemporary Dance. It was a magical night.

The album is already receiving fantastic reviews in Filand, Denmark and Norway.

"Nordic Vocal Senstion" - Dagsavisen, Norway.

4 Stars in Gaffa, Denmark

And in Suomi Jazz they write:
”IKI relies on the guidance of the moment, the miracle of improvisation. Multicoloured harmonies, jammed rhythms and comps and strong lead vocals. Clarity and strong melodic musicality are in subtle discourse with experimental techniques. One can only hope for the opportunity to experience IKI live in concert” – Suomijazz (FIN)


Hessismore getting ready with new single & concerts

I am really happy to work together with Mikkel Hess and Hessismore again. The new album is soon finished, and I can promise you  an album of musical pop delight. In not so far future, there will be sound samples and teasers HERE 

The new single "Creation keeps the devil Away"

First track from the album is "Creation keeps the devil Away",  and you can get it on Itunes now. 

The album will feature 9 tracks and will be out sooner this year via Nublu in the US.

I shall keep you updated. He will be touring  later this year, but you can already catch the band here in Copenhagen on the 26-27 may for some pre-SPOT festival shows. Hessismore will be performing at the SPOT Festival on the 28th May.

See also here www.hessismore.com


A good pressphoto: IKI

A good pressphoto can tell stories that music can't. An when a pressphoto is really good it becomes a unique story teller.

The 9 girls in IKI - a Scandinavian improvocal group -  have created a unique vibe here. The photo shoot was done by Kajsa Gullberg, and is taken in connection to IKI's debut album, which will be released in june 2011..


ONE SPOT - Solo concerts

Coming up here in Copenhagen is a are opportunity to experience some of the finest jazzmusicians living and working in Copenhagen. A international lineup of rare talent taken from the jazzscene.

I will be looking forward hosting these nights, and hope to meet you for some rare jazz experience


Stella Polaris spring with Small Secrets Vol. 3 Feat. Cemetary released 18. April 2011

OUT 18. APRIL 2011

Cemetary's "Dragging Myself Through Sunday" was one of the highlights on "Stella No. 6" , so we have really looked forward for this release at the Stella office. Now its nearly here. Out on Beatport on the 18. April and global digital release 02. Mai on Itunes and other good stores. 

You might already know the jazzed original version, so check out some of the remixes here by Jack Rock and Aebeloe:

Enjoy the sounds. For more info please do not hesitate in contacting us here at SpecialAgent.

Enjoy!!! chilled


IKI -. The power of pure vocal

Music has this special soul, voice, inner sense, and sometimes you just feel lucky, special and wonderful when music takes into a new world. 

I know it’s a clichy  but i somehow cant find other words when it comes to the very first meeting I had with the Scandinavian vocal group IKI. A 9 piece of pure impro vocals during  the annual The Musketeer Festival in Copenhagen in late December 2010.  It’s festival organized by Kresten Osgood  - one of the key drummers and jazz music man  here.

It was here that IKI suddenly got me laughing, smiling  disappearing into pure music of just vocals. How their style, sound, expression and pure improvisation captured me so strong, that I simply had to get back to them. 

And here they are, coming out with their debut album soon.  We are now teaming up together getting the world to know much more about IKI.  Soon more, but click here and get free downloads.

 For more info, just contact me. Will be delighted to introduce this wonderful all Scandinavian group to you