IKI -. The power of pure vocal

Music has this special soul, voice, inner sense, and sometimes you just feel lucky, special and wonderful when music takes into a new world. 

I know it’s a clichy  but i somehow cant find other words when it comes to the very first meeting I had with the Scandinavian vocal group IKI. A 9 piece of pure impro vocals during  the annual The Musketeer Festival in Copenhagen in late December 2010.  It’s festival organized by Kresten Osgood  - one of the key drummers and jazz music man  here.

It was here that IKI suddenly got me laughing, smiling  disappearing into pure music of just vocals. How their style, sound, expression and pure improvisation captured me so strong, that I simply had to get back to them. 

And here they are, coming out with their debut album soon.  We are now teaming up together getting the world to know much more about IKI.  Soon more, but click here and get free downloads.

 For more info, just contact me. Will be delighted to introduce this wonderful all Scandinavian group to you

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