New chilled Robbie Williams, Agnes Obel, Moby, Asle & Dico + more on the Stella Polaris compilation "Seven Seas"

Currently working with the new Stella Polaris compilation. Very excited about it. Its No. 7 and will be released on the 05th august during the annual chill events in Odense, Aarhus and Copenhagen.

The live line-up is to still not completely public yet, but Moby will be coming. Lulu Rouge and will be coming and I am sure around 30.000 chillin people will com enjoying the sunny days.

About the music... 14 splendid new tracks with exclusive tracks and remixes from Robbie Williams, Foster The People, Groove Armada, Moby, Aebeloe, Agnes Obel among others. Also a gem from the past with Spooky their classic "Little Bullet" especially remixed for this compilatin by Cemetary.

Follow the music here as we give you teasers and tasters from the album.

Right now you can listen to the new Alse & Dico track "Around the world Paper Thin". More teasers will be added. Enjoy and see you for chilled blessings in Denmark between the 05th -07 August


IKI video from release concert 20th June 2011 at Charlottenborg

ONE SPOT at Charlottenborg  finished the first season with The 9 voices in IKI, who performed a breathtaking performance at CafĂ© Charlottenborg here in Copenhagen. We were celebrating the release of their debut album, out now via ILK Music. IKI released the album in Scandinavia on the 20th 
June, and will also be out via worldwide download on Itunes.

It was a tremendous evening with the 9 girls performing along with special invited musicians from the jazz and improscene. They showed that they are one of the most innovative, expressive female groups currently on the new music scene in Scandinavia. 

The evening sun was shining through the windows, and the voices kept 200 stunning people captured for 1 hour or more. During the free improvised performance, musicians susch as Lotte Anker (sax/DK), Aino Juutilainen (cello), Tobias Wiklund (trp) and dancers from The Danish National School of Conetemporary Dance. It was a magical night.

The album is already receiving fantastic reviews in Filand, Denmark and Norway.

"Nordic Vocal Senstion" - Dagsavisen, Norway.

4 Stars in Gaffa, Denmark

And in Suomi Jazz they write:
”IKI relies on the guidance of the moment, the miracle of improvisation. Multicoloured harmonies, jammed rhythms and comps and strong lead vocals. Clarity and strong melodic musicality are in subtle discourse with experimental techniques. One can only hope for the opportunity to experience IKI live in concert” – Suomijazz (FIN)