New artist representation: Jesper Zeuthen Trio + Henrik List

It's always special to start working with new artists. I am really proud to be able to introduce two new stars among the artists I work with. Both are maestro's within their field.

  • Jesper Zeuthen Trio - Jazz trio
  •  Henrik List - Writer and journalist

Jesper Zeuthen trio is a trio that I feel in love since their first release. Bandleader Jesper Zeuthen (sax) is a legend on the danish jazzscene. Since the late 60's he has been on the front of the scene. Musically and artistically he has always played with the spearheads of the new scene. His history include member og Pierre Dørge´s New Jungle Orchestra and sideman with Abdullah Ibrahim, Don Cherry, Paul Motian, Jakob Bro, Anderskov Accident and many more. 
Adam Pultz Melbye (bas) and Thomas Præstegaard (dr) are they young musicians and with their unique sense of rhythmic, intense playing they give Zeuthen the space and impro he deserves. Very strong and soulful. This is a very INTENSE live experince, which they have now also ready for release.
New album out soon. Listen and download free

Henrik List is one hell of a writer. More related to the late beat generation of american poetry, he surely has his very unique place on the danish litterature scene. Just check his website for links to his books and stories from both the gutter, punks, outsiders of the worlds with all that it takes.

Henrik Lists subjects are often provocative, sexual, intense characters. From the boulevards of L.A. to the streets of Bangkok where ladyboys sell themselves and downtown Copenhagen.

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 Henrik List - Pussyland (Edit) - Spoken word by PG Special Agent