Extended ONE SPOT artist line-up for jazz program Charlottenborg

The program for this October here in Copenhagen at Charlottenborg is an expressive blend og both local and international jazz stars. We have invited danish freejazz player Lotte Anker to host 3 nights at the big white room. Lotte Anker has invited  both artists from the local ILK and Copenhagen Jazz Scene, as well as Scandinavian bas player Nina De Heney and swedish dancer Anna Westberg.  Nina and Anna have worked intense together for 15 years expressing dance and bas impro. Check their website for extensive info: www.dancenbass.se/anna-nina
American composer, arranger and guitarist Joel Harrison is visiting Copenhagen for the first time on the  Oct. 29th with his string Quartet. They will perform Harrison's arrangements of Paul Motians music. Harrison has a very exciting line-up for this show including celloplayer Hank Roberts along danish Jakob BroCelebrating Danish music with "Spil Dansk Dagen" with Mark Solborg 4, and you'll find a night of music especially dedicated to danish compositions.

Pre-listen to some of the music you can experience live at ONE SPOT - Jazz @Charlottenborg
ONE SPOT - Jazz @ Charlottenborg by PG Special Agent 

Video links to related artists:

Nina De Heney 

Joel Harrison 

Lotte Anker

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