Back with a new show "Nordic Sounds" for UK Jazz Radio

"The Nordic Sounds"  new show is up and running at UK Jazz Radio. Enjoy new tunes from Jakob Dinesen, Carsten Dahl Experience + more. And get closer to the Danish duo Wazzabi as they talk about their Brazil Adventure. With Anders Hentze live and direct from Brasilia city and Thor Madsen live in the studio. They also play a yet unreleased track from their forthcoming album.

The vibes are more sunny due to the late February snowy winter season, so we needed some hot vibes.
The show kicks inn with afro/ cuban styla with Jakob Dinesen .....

Lets get south....

(Just press the link and click on the "Listen Again in the left side )

Listen to past shows here:
This show  is a review on the 2011 of Danish jazz including tracks from Stefan Pasborg, Carsten Dahl,  Orpheus, Jesper Zeuthen Trio, Iki, Lars Møller, Lars Winther European Quintet, Girls i Airports,  Jakob Bro, August Rosenbaum.


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