A jazz trio from London; Partikel

Piano-less trio delivers discreetly elegiac melodies alongside their stinging grooves.”

This is what BBC recently said about UK based trio Partikel. A stunning, energetic trio with sax, bas and drums.Partikel are three London based musicians;

Duncan Eagles – Tenor and Soprano Saxophone,
Max Luthert – Double Bass
Eric Ford – Drums and Percussion

All with very different musical backgrounds, who have come together to make music mixing all of their favorite influences in a melodic, coherent and accurate way. The music puts an interesting twist on the standard jazz format while still honoring the tradition of deep harmony and creative improvisation.
Drawing influence from African and Latin American music combined with the style of the contemporary New York jazz scene (Marcus Strickland, David Sanchez, Miguel Zenon), Partikel produce a personal, committed and contemporary take on the saxophone trio. Soulful melodies are mixed seamlessly with complex mixed meter vamps and an instantly identifiable energy and band sound.
I love their grooves and flows and I will be looking forward working we these 3 young  guys who just released their 2nd album  “Cohesion” on Whirlwind Recordings  .They have already excited both BBC and All AboutJazz.  I really hope that these young guys from London town will also excite you.

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