With Jesper Zeuthen Trio the Danes are pretty lucky

"A game has jammed my mind: If Albert Ayler had been born in Denmark he must have sounded like Jesper Zeuthen and hardly been dead yet. But Ayler is gone and was not born in Denmark, but Zeuthen is born in Denmark and more alive and kicking that ever. How lucky the Danes are"

So it starts, the passionated review from  Bjarne Søltoft in the  latest Norway jazzmagazine JazzNytt.
Its one of these rare reviews that makes me proud working with such fine talent and legacy as Jesper Zeuthen and his hard working trio. Together with basplayer Adam Pultz Melbye and drummer Thomas Præstegaard, Jesper Zuethen is fresher and cooler than ever. And especially the international press seems to pay attention to this powerful trio. From Uk Jazz Radio to the New Yorker All About Jazz and the jazzbloggers at  Jazzwrap, seems to be picking up on both their first album and their latest  album "live" (Blackout Music).

The trio has lately been performing some underground shows in Blå Records in Blågaardsgade, in central Nørrebronx, Copenhagen - just opposite Props bar. Small intense concerts in a space not much more than 15 sq.m.  big, with a quintet feat. extra tuba by kristian Tangvik and trumpet player Kasper Tranberg. With 10 audience it feels already pretty packed and with more it becomes the most intense and smallest concert place in Copenhagen. Just perfect if you want to get real close to the band and they music. And with 4 Wednesday sessions in one month you have a good chance to enjoy the colours, spirit and intense music of Jesper Zeuthen and his fellows. So, how lucky are we Danes ??? I say pretty lucky indeed...



Listen to more Jesper Zeuthen Trio here:

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