New Sounds from Danish guitarist Jakob Bro in collaboration with electronica producer Thomas Knak

Finally Jakob Bro unveils new sound snippets from his forthcoming album + live dates at Roskilde Festival + Aarhus Jazz Festival. The album has been in process for some time now, and slowly Bro is giving us pieces of info on the new album as well as official live performance at Roskilde Festival.

There is still some secrecy surrounding the new album, but a video teaser and a mini mix has been released this week. Will keep you updated as more info on this project will be public. The latest news are:

The album is a collaboration with Danish electronica producer Thomas Knak.

Jakob Bro has worked with some of the best jazz musicians within the jazz scene since the early 2000's. His two recent releases "Balladeering" (2009) and "Time" (2011) feat. Paul Motian, Bill Frisell, Thomas Morgan, Lee Konitz, Ben Street has placed him as a "shooting star"   on the international jazz scene. 

Thomas Knak is a central artist on the Scandinavian electronica scene since the mid 90s.  Being part of the electronica acts Future 3, System and People Press Play as well as his solo project Opiate. He has produced and collaborated with Bj√∂rk, Alva Noto, Ryuichi Sakamento  and many others during the last nearly 20 years. And released music on labels such as Morr Music, City Center Office, April Records, Scape, Raster Noton a.m.o. Since his debut album "Objects for An Ideal Home" in 1999, he has been running the label Hobby Industries, by which he has released very inspirational and quirky electronica.

Live at Rokilde Festival and Aarhus Jazz Festival.
The duo will perform the music from this project at the Roskilde Festival and  Jakob Bro has announced a special jazz line-up with the project at Aarhus Jazz Festival.