Træben + It's The End - celebrating 2 new european jazz acts

With Dutch/Danish jazz quartet Træben and Norwegian prog-rock/impro IT'S THE END  2 new artists have arrived here at the agency.

The story...

I met Træben ( crazy name ..means wooden leg, actually) at the Jazz Meeting in Amersfoort, Holland this spring. They immediatley captured my attention with their straight forward attitude and explosive energy. 

They are getting ready for their European release of "Push"  - a poweful melodic album with all original compositions. An epitome of modern contemporary jazz. As Jazzenzo puts it:

" That means strong roots in tradtion, a lot of attention to melody, technical management, handling of multiple styles and use of personal freedom" 


Check more sound and video on Træben via the HOMEPAGE 

Norwegian IT's THE END is a much more complex story. I have known Bert (the drummer)  since the mid 90s, when he was the drummer in the electronica band Magick A (April Records), but with age he just gone wilder and better. More Zappa-out.

The Music of IT'S THE END is characterized by different approached to the compositional process, and the music represents a synthesis of influences from many styles of music. Loosely be described as progresssive rock mixed with fusion-jazz, electronica, free improvisation and math metal. Think Frank Zappa, Mr. Bungle, Allan Holdsworth, Chick Corea, Meshuggah, King Crimson, Supersilent, Squarepusher, free your mind....  See the full experience via the HOMEPAGE


Jakob Bro introducing new trio w. Jon Christensen + Thomas Morgan and European tour 2012

Jakob Bro will introduce his new trio this weekend during the Copenhagen Jazz Festival. It is a dream team for Bro, as his "Time" bass player Thomas Morgan and ECM Lengend Jon Christensen will join him on stage at Hofteatret during the 7+8 July. 
These two concerts marks the beginning of the trio, that also will go on a 11 day European tour in the fall 2012.
Jon Christensen has appeared on  more than 50 albums on ECM Records since the late 60s and must be considered one of the most essential Scandinavian jazz drummers. Jon Christensen in Drummer World.

Thomas Morgan has worked recently with Jakob Bro on his "Time" album (2010). Morgan's talent is also enjoyed in other constellations with the likes of Samuel Blaser,  Craig Taborn, Sylive Courvoisier, Jim Black, John Abercrombie.

Thomas Morgan will also play duo concert with Bro at the wonderful restaurant Mielcke & Hurtigkarl on the 09 july . THIS EVENT IS A MUST FOOD GOURMET EXPERIENCE