Jakob Bro, Thomas Knak, Jesper Zeuthen, Nikolaj Hess, Hess is More + more essential CpH Jazz Festival shows 2012

Copenhagen Jazz Festival is Denmarks biggest annual jazz celebration. During 06-15 july  and around 1000 concerts. Yes, it sounds nearly too much. Parallel to the Copenhagen Festival there is also Valby Summer Jazz Festival. Valby Jazz is created by the Danish jazz player and creator Benjamin Koppel and his Cowbell Records crew.The chance at you get pretty jazzed is obvious, but it only happens once a year, and the music is fantastic. So don't worry, just get yourself into it, enjoy the music.

PG Special Agent is represented with several artists and more shows that there is time to hear. I have picked a wish-list of the most essential shows by

Jakob Bro, Hess Is More, Nikolaj Hess, 
Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard, Torben Snekkestad/ The Living Room, 
Jesper Zeuthen Trio and IKI.  

All these fine artists will be performing during the festival, and I give you a quick-list to the artists, essentiel gig dates and events here:

Jakob Bro

06 July          Bro/Knak, Roskilde Festival

06 July          Bro/Knak release event at Charlottenborg

07 July          Jakob Bro, Thomas Morgan, Jon Christensen, Hofteatret

08 July          Jakob Bro, Thomas Morgan, Jon Christensen, Hofteatret

09 July          Jakob Bro, Thomas Morgan, Jakob Mielcke, Restaurant Mielcke + Hurtigkarl


See more details on  Jakob Bro here

Hess Is More

11 July          Jazz Distortion, Copenhagen
13 July          SkarøFestival


See more details on Hess Is More here  

Nikolaj Hess

06 July          Nikolaj Hess Trio,  Blågaards Apotek

07 July          Nikolaj Hess Solo, Christians Kirken

09 July          Nikolaj Hess w.Francois Moutin, Claus Waidtløew,Jochen Rueckert, Sommersko

15 July          Nikolaj Hess w. Sissel Vera Pettersen, Kafcafeen


See more details on Nikolaj Hess here  

 Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard

06 July          w Melbye/Løkkegaard plays Desmond/Mulligan, HomeMade Records

08 July          w.  August Rosenbaum, HomeMade Records

See more details on Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard here


 Torben Snekkestad + The Living Room

 07 July          Koichi Makagami / Toreben Snekkestad duo, Jazz House

08 July          The Living Room + Koichi Makagami, 5 E

See more details on Torben Snekkestad + The Living Room here

Jesper Zeuthen PLUS & Trio

 07 July          Jesper Zeuthen PLUS, Christianhavns beboerhus

10 July          Jesper Zeuthen Trio Harbo Bar


see more details on Jesper Zeuthen Trio here 


06 July          IKI
w. Dodebum, Vor Frue Kirke

see more details on IKI here

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