Laid Back new Stella Polaris remix of 80s "Sunshine Reggae" TOP 5

Stella Polaris celebrated a new coming this year. Aalborg was added to the map of cities that the festival visited this summer. Including Aarhus, Odense and Copenhagen, 4 cities, 4 days + night with free music and lovely people. More that 50.000 people came to the festival and enjoyed exclusive live performances + dj set from Laid Back, R├┤yksopp, Lulu Rouge, Opiate, Mike Sheridan, Chicane, Pete Gooding, Mikael Simpson and more. In all 18 international artists from the electronica and chill/downtempo scene visted Denmark in these 4 days of nation-wide chill-out week. ( See full lineup here).

It was hell of a car ride and lack of sleep, but when the people come, the sun shines, the music plays and Kalle B embraces, then its all good. Life is easy...with djs, good food, lovely people and lots of highway in between.

Meanwhile the 8th compilation has been released. "The Second Magic Number"  is the latest tracks from the Stella crew.

Since it's release on the 01st August we have already gained 2 TOP 10 Chill-out hits on Beatports "TOP Chill-tracks" with the massive remixes of Choir of Young Believer's "Hollow Talk (Lulu Rouge's Stella Polaris Remix)" and Laid Back's 80s super hit  all time summer tune "Sunshine Reggae" specially chilled down + remixed by the wonderful duo Visti & Meyland. Currently "Sunshine Reggae" has topped the chart for 3 weeks,  peak #5. The album entered at NO. 1 on Itunes Electronic Album chart in the 1stweek of release.
 Check some of the 13 tracks here  or go direct to you favourite on-line outlet and support the music.
Can't wait for next year. See you in the parks where the music plays.

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