Bro/Knak live! World Live premier with Løkkegaards "Vesper" at Jazzhus Monmarte...and Samuel Blaser in Malmö!!

Still by Sune Blicher

I have just finished the first European tour with Jakob Bro / Thomas Morgan / Jon Christensen. 10 jobs in 11 days. Criss-crossing the continent. Sold out and packed clubs. Young audience, lots of sold CDs and enthusiasm for Bro's music. Great to see that especially the young European audience shows great interest in jazz. Thank you to all the fantastic clubs and crews for the shows. Thanks for booking the band, and thank you all wonderful audience who came and enjoyed the music.

This week's Bro back in Denmark, where he will play 3 concerts with Bro / Knak set-up. A series of concerts feat. Jakob Bro (gu), Thomas Knak (electronics) and Sune Blicher (visuals)

This is the first time since their critically acclaimed debut at the festival, where Ekstra Bladet’s Peter Albrechten called it a true "Master Meeting".

Artwork by Tal R taken from the "Bro/Knak" album
They play the following dates:

31 October Student House, Aalborg

01 November
Atlas, Aarhus

03 November Jazz House, Copenhagen


NielsLyhne Løkkegaard presents WORLD LIVE PREMIER OF  "Vesper" at Jazzhus Montmarte on 30 October

Tuesday 30th of October Can you  also enjoy Bro’s talent..It happens with Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard and Løkkegaards live premier of “Vesper". The album “Vesper” was released earlier this year and highly acclaimed both in Denmark and abroad. Now his playing the whole album live for the first time. At the well-renowned Jazzhus Montmarte, and the line-up is according to the album including Niels Løkkegaard, Jacob Bro, Marilyn Mazur, Jacob Buchanan and 4 clarinets.

The Swiss trombone player Samuel Blaser is one of the up and coming stars from the Swiss jazz scene. Works with diverse musicians such as Gerald Cleaver, Paul Motian, Russ Loosing, Thomas Morgan.

Thanks to the wonderful JazzinMalmö crew Blaser can be introduced live with his Quartet at a free concert on the 01 November.
Blaser will return end december introducing his new trio feat. french gutiarist Marc Ducret and Danish drummer Peter Bruun.

Dec 20,Charlottenborg with brand new trio! Feat. Marc Ducret and Peter Bruun.

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