Danish Jazz embracing the world audience - right now! - Jakob Bro & Træben

Two artists are pushing Danish jazz internationally – right now!

Danish jazz has a strong profile among jazz lovers internationally. Jazz musicians from Copenhagen are always out there, somewhere playing; either with there own bands or as side-men. 

2 bands that are worth highlighting right now  is Danish guitarist Jakob Bro with his forthcoming European tour feat. his new trio with Thomas Morgan and Jon Christensen. And the Danish/Dutch quartet Træben, who seems to have captured the world jazz press with storm.  These 2 acts are brilliant examples on how diverse and musically strong the Danish jazz scene really is. Full with talents and sincere musical personality.  

Jakob Bro (gu) on European tour with new trio feat. Thomas Morgan (bas), Jon Christensen (dr)

Jakob Bro is the leading international jazz player from Denmark. 4 times Music Award winner, part of Tomasz Stanko Quintet and worked with a list of names that is among the most impressive with age only 34. He has been searching to find a new trio format, and finally it seems like he found a new musical home. It began live at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival this summer of 2012, when he performed for the first time live with American Thomas Morgan (bas) and ECM legend Jon Christensen (dr) from Norway. 

It was possible to forget about time and tempo during the performance, and just focus on the music unfolding through all the instruments and musicians involved. "It's not just a bang, as to make the music loud or so. It has to be in a place musically spoken. And I can do it because I know it falls on fertile ground with Jakob and Thomas. Playing regularly is not what I want to do. That's because the music (for me) is not happening there," Christensen also said, explained his overall approach.”
Impressions from first concert, Copenhagen 8th July 2012, with Henning Bolte talking to Jon Christensen  in , All About jazz

10 cities in 11 days
The Trio is now about to set for their first European tour bringing them all across europe.
The full schedule is:

foto by Karolina Zapolska
European Tour, autumn 2012

15. Oct. Aarhus, Denmark
Venue: Sunship

16. Oct. Graz, Austria
Venue: Stockwerke

17. Oct.  Bijloke, Gent, Belgium
Venue: Bijloke

18. Oct. Olso, Norway
Venue: Victoria
19. Oct. Helsinki, Finland
Venue: Kokoteatteri

20. Oct. Vasa, Finland
Venue: Doopbop Jazz Club

22. Oct. Bucharest, Romania
Venue: Anglican Church (SOLD OUT)

23. Oct.  Berlin, Germany
Venue: B – Flat

24. Oct. Sofia, Bulgaria
Venue: Sofia Live Club

25 Oct. Bornholm, Denmark                                                                                                                                                                               
Venue: Muzikhuset                                          

Dutch/Danish quartet Træben is going for the stars.

Jazz Wrap
"Traeben may be Europe's top secret weapon. But with Push, the secret is out. This is a band which should have staying power."
Jazzwrap , Stephan Moore (USA)

4 guys, 2 from Holland and 2 from Denmark. Jens Larsen (gu),Soren Ballegaard (sax),Haye Jellema (dr),Olaf Meijer (bas). I met them during Amersfoort Jazz meeting, and since then everything changed.  The energy and focused work form these guys makes such a difference. Since they released their 2nd album ”Push”  they have taken the international press by storm. 

GAFFA, Denmark
"Some of the best modern contemporary jazz I have heard in a long time."
Ivan Rod (DK)

Jazzenzo, Holland
"TRÆBEN is the epitome of a contemporary jazz band."
Jan Jasper Tamboer (NL)

All About Jazz
"On Push, Traeben is consistently playful, spacious and dynamic."
James Pearse (UK)

"An album filled with beautiful melodies and a strong lyrical academic undertone"
George Tonla -Briquet, JazzMozaiëk (BE)

And the list goes on, and you can check it here. From well establish jazz media to bloggers across the globe, Træben’s jazz vibes seems to capture the hearts of contemporary jazz. Check them out live soon  - maybe even near you. For more info just visit their website and get into the grooves

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