Stella Polaris chilling at Tate Gallery in London

Stella Polaris 
is going international with the very first Stella Polaris event outside Denmark. 

7th December 2012, Stella Polaris invites you to a free chillout at Tate Britain in the heart of London city.Time  is set for 18.00-22.00. Just enough to make you going into the wild city party life of London.
Free, no ticket required

Line-up for the night is

Mads Björn (live)
Lulu Rouge
Løwenstein and Kalle B

In Denmark Stella Polaris is known for presenting contemporary and highly acclaimed artists and the event this night is no exception. Mads Björn will undoubtedly get under the skin of the guests with his evocative tracks, acoustic guitar and sparse means. Musician and producer August will accompany Mads with his lowered electronic sounds to create deep chill-out music. Listeners will also find electronic duo DJ Lulu Rouge contributing to a superb evening with their electronic sounds, alongside a number of their remixes of great artists such as Moby, Robbie Williams and Choir Of Young Believers.
So come down, listen to some fantastic tunes, mixes and experience Mads Björn live.

Link to event: 



Jazz live in the heart of Copenhagen at Charlottenborg and Strasbourg

Jazz is coming back to the heart of Copenhagen as PG Special Agent  and Café Charlottenborg once again are opening the doors for the winter jazz nights feat. Modern + impro jazz talents from the European jazz scene.

Poster star: Samuel Blaser

It will be for three concerts at Charlottenborg and two in France during Jazzdor in November.

ONE SPOT Jazz – Exchange with Jazzdor in Strasbourg.

The concerts in Strasbourg with Jazzdor is the harvest of our cooperation with the French organizers, where we find musicians and program them with French and Danish jazz soloists for a duo session.

17 November: Francois Corneloup / Mark Solborg
21 November: Bruno Chevillon / Lotte Anker
See full program here:
ONE SPOT Jazz at Charlottenborg

ONE SPOT at Charlottenborg offers 3 concerts of contemporary jazz & improvisation from the European / Danish jazz scene. Among other things, is the premiere of the Swiss trombone player Samuel Blasers new trio with Danish Peter Bruun (dr) and French Marc Ducret (gu).

But we open the series with the first concert on 08 November Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard (sax), which makes his teammates in a very special task.

November 15  takes a little more electronica vibe, and it's a special for these events. Dodebum aka Henrik Sundh, who last visited the house in December with Osgood and Marie Lurette Friis (almost all Tys Tys members for the first timepalying live together again), this time solo. With the accompaniment of Sune Petersen and his unique drum machine .. 

Come and try it: