Jakob Bro Vinter Jazz across Europe

4 nights in Europe



  Bro / Morgan / Christensen

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Copenhagen/Jazzclub Loco/17FEB
London/The Vortex/18FEB
Brescia/Nuovo Jazz/19FEB

4 nights in 4 cities across Europe, Danish jazz guitarist Jakob Bro will headline with US bas player Thomas Morgan and Norwegian ECM drummer legend Jon Christensen.
They will begin tour at The Copenhagen Winter Jazz Festival on the 17th February, and  playing UK and the European continent for another 3 intense days with premier dates in London, Brescia and Munich to such legendary jazz clubs as The Vortex, Nouvo Eden and Unterfahrt.

In London on the 18. Feb. the trio will be supported by the UK jazz trio Partikel. Partikel released their latest album "Cohesion" on Whirlwind Recordings.

Copenhagen Vinter Jazz program poster. Photo by zapolska

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17. Feb.  Copenhagen/  Jazz Club Loco 
18. Feb.  London / The Vortex
19. Feb. Brescia / Nouvo Eden
20. Feb. Munich / Unterfahrt

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From indie to jazz... It's all about the music, talent and goals.

As freelance consultant I enjoy working with the talent, more than the style. Yes, you will find lots of jazz here, but also electronica and indie. When it comes down to it, its all about the music and the sound...the story will then unfold.

Cover for new single. Photo by Kajsa  Gullberg
One of my long term music relations is Kirstine Stubbe Teglbjærg. Former leadsinger in Blue Foundation and now working on her first solo album. We have worked together since 2000, when we both went to Japan with Blue Foundation on the bands very first international tour. We later seperated from the band as “Eyes on Fire” hit big in “Twilight" and ended up all dubsteped..

Now a few years later, hits and tours we are back teaming up. Now solo, now singing  Danish and a whole album coming. For Kirstine its all about doing it on her own. She is here on her own all the way. From the first single note and word to the final mixing, producing and promo process. It's not just the DIY here, its not as much as the goal but more the journey. The fulfilling experience in being in touch with it from the beginning, taking the time. Letting things grow.
First single is already out ”Drømmenes Lyd” and 2nd single ”Tæppet er Faldet” will be out early February. We are just in the process of getting the last details on schedule, so I can't drop the curtain yet. Kirstine will be in London next month mixing the album and then we will be closer to a official release date 

I have recently had the plessure working with 2 new Danish jazz composers. Two very different talents, different music and flavours. And two very different business scenarios, but still with one focus in mind: Helping both getting the music out and released.

Søren Gemmer is releasing his debut ”At First”  18 Feb. via Ilk Music and as Special Agent, I will assist Gemmer with his promo goals and hard work. The album is recorded with Søren Gemmer’s  quartet. The guitarist,Per Møllehøj, and drummer Andreas Fryland both contribute toone composition, both known on the Danish jazz scene for their versatile and distinct  playing. The Finnish double bass player, Tapani Toivanen has achieved recognition for his work with Joona Toivanen Trio with releases on EMI Blue Note and CAM Jazz. The album is recorded and mixed by the legendary Dutch sound engineer,Chris Weeda, and offers a sonic clarity and finesse at a very high level.I will be posting out press on Søren Gemmer soon, but meanwhile you can enjoy the album teaser here... and check the plays.. For a new young jazzplayer this is really going well. I wish the very best for Gemmer in 2013:

Behind Momento is the Danish composer and tenor saxplayer Fredrik Moth. I did ”promo sessions” with him, giving him tools on how to promote your album. For Fredrik it's all about the DIY process which I enjoy and respect so much. I adore when musicians want to learn more about the who releasing and promo process. Getting into it, diggin' it.  The music of Momento is organic feel of jazz and world, delightful and easy vibes and I am sure Fredrik is licking some stamps and pushin' in some doors now... Just get it organized. And it seems to have helped. Gained pretty good airplay on National Radio P8 jazz and the reviews are coming in as we speak. 


The music is playing live in 2013

Following artists are available via your Special Agent in 2013 - so far.. 

Listen - Enjoy - and get back to us for for more info and booking requests


Carsten Dahl  - Jakob Bro - Jon Christensen - Jesper Zeuthen Trio

Spacelab - Mat Maneri/ Lucian Ban - Simon Toldam Trio -

Samuel Blaser Trio feat. Ducret + Bruun

Carsten Dahl/ Eddie Gomez  - Dahl/Andersen/Christensen - 

Partikel Trio

Hess is More - Bro/Morgan/Christensen -

Bro/Knak - The Living Room  - Træben

Carsten Dahl Experience feat. Pasborg/Bosse Davidsen/ Zeuthen


Bro/Cheek/Morgan/Ballard - 


Carsten Dahl Solo: (worldwide exclusive)


Style: improvised piano, jazz/ classical

Booking period: Available throughout the year for solo shows.

As a professor on the Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, Carsten is also a fantastic teacher and can supply with clinics.

Carsten Dahl Experience:  feat. Carsten Dahl/ Stefan Pasborg/Nils Davidsen/ Jesper Zeuthen (worldwide exclusive)

Style: Modern improvised

Booking period: 01-06 Nov. 2013


Carsten Dahl + Eddie Gomez (worldwide exclusive)

Style: Standards
Booking period: TBC 2013 + 2014
Listen: Album to be released in spring 2013 via Storyville

Carsten Dahl/Arild Andersen / Jon Christesen (worldwide exclusive)

Style: Nordic jazz
Booking period: 2013 + 2014  upon request



Jakob Bro/Thomas Morgan/Jon Christensen (worldwideexclusive)

Style: Modern improvised
Booking: 17-23 Feb, 2013 + 31th Oct – 03 Nov.2013:


Jakob Bro /Chris Speed /Thomas Morgan /Jesper Zeuthen /Jeff Ballard (worldwide exclusive)


Style: Modern improvised
Booking period: 05-15 July 2013



Jakob Bro/Thomas Morgan/Jeff Ballard/ Chris Cheek 

(worldwide exclusive) 

Style: Modern improvised
Booking period: 18-30th Oct. 2013

Bro/Knak feat. Jakob Bro and Thomas Knak ( World exclusive)

Style: Electronica/ Jazz/ Impro
Booking period: Upon request + TBC


The Living Room feat. Thomas Strønen, Torben Snekkestad, Søren Kjærgaard (worldwide exclusive) 

Style: Free
Booking period: 22-30 April + 6-12 oct
Planning to do oct. with Barry Guy if possible


Mat Maneri/ Lucian Ban duo ( Exslusive Scandinavia + selected EU countries):

Style: Modern improvised 

Booking period: 11-28 may in Europe 
Will release album via ECM in april 2013.

Simon Toldam Trio (worldwide exclusive)

Style: Piano, Modern improvised trio jazz
Booking period: 05-15 juli + 02-08 sept + 18-24 nov.


Jesper Zeuthen Trio + extra (worldwide exclusive)

Style: Free improvised
Booking period: 8-18 april + 21-27 oct. 2013



Partikel Trio (worldwide exclusive outside UK) 

Style: Modern trio jazz
Booking period: Open throughout 2013 + Scandinavia also: 7-9th december



Samuel Blaser Trio feat Marc Ducret + Peter Bruun  (Exclusive for Scandinavia ONLY!!)

Style: Impro/ free
Booking period: 3-11 nov.2013

++++ Special Festival 2013 period : 05 -15 July feat.

Samuel Blaser "Consort in Motion" feat. Russ Lossing, Drew Gress, Gerry Hemingway (Exclusive for Scandinavia ONLY!!)


Vein + Dave Liebman ( Exclusive for Scandinavia ONLY + selected EU)

Style: Modern jazz
Booking period:
01-15 July, 30-31 Aug as trio +  upon request.
 05-09 dec w. Dave Liebman.


Spacelab: (worldwide exclusive)

Style: Hammond club jazz
Booking period: Upon request 2013



Træben (Exclusive for Scandinavia ONLY + selected world) 


Style: Modern melodic jazz
Booking period: October + upon request


Hess is More. (EU Exclusive)

Style: pop with a twist/NOT JAZZ!!!
Booking period: November 2013