The music is playing live in 2013

Following artists are available via your Special Agent in 2013 - so far.. 

Listen - Enjoy - and get back to us for for more info and booking requests


Carsten Dahl  - Jakob Bro - Jon Christensen - Jesper Zeuthen Trio

Spacelab - Mat Maneri/ Lucian Ban - Simon Toldam Trio -

Samuel Blaser Trio feat. Ducret + Bruun

Carsten Dahl/ Eddie Gomez  - Dahl/Andersen/Christensen - 

Partikel Trio

Hess is More - Bro/Morgan/Christensen -

Bro/Knak - The Living Room  - Træben

Carsten Dahl Experience feat. Pasborg/Bosse Davidsen/ Zeuthen


Bro/Cheek/Morgan/Ballard - 


Carsten Dahl Solo: (worldwide exclusive)


Style: improvised piano, jazz/ classical

Booking period: Available throughout the year for solo shows.

As a professor on the Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, Carsten is also a fantastic teacher and can supply with clinics.

Carsten Dahl Experience:  feat. Carsten Dahl/ Stefan Pasborg/Nils Davidsen/ Jesper Zeuthen (worldwide exclusive)

Style: Modern improvised

Booking period: 01-06 Nov. 2013


Carsten Dahl + Eddie Gomez (worldwide exclusive)

Style: Standards
Booking period: TBC 2013 + 2014
Listen: Album to be released in spring 2013 via Storyville

Carsten Dahl/Arild Andersen / Jon Christesen (worldwide exclusive)

Style: Nordic jazz
Booking period: 2013 + 2014  upon request



Jakob Bro/Thomas Morgan/Jon Christensen (worldwideexclusive)

Style: Modern improvised
Booking: 17-23 Feb, 2013 + 31th Oct – 03 Nov.2013:


Jakob Bro /Chris Speed /Thomas Morgan /Jesper Zeuthen /Jeff Ballard (worldwide exclusive)


Style: Modern improvised
Booking period: 05-15 July 2013



Jakob Bro/Thomas Morgan/Jeff Ballard/ Chris Cheek 

(worldwide exclusive) 

Style: Modern improvised
Booking period: 18-30th Oct. 2013

Bro/Knak feat. Jakob Bro and Thomas Knak ( World exclusive)

Style: Electronica/ Jazz/ Impro
Booking period: Upon request + TBC


The Living Room feat. Thomas Strønen, Torben Snekkestad, Søren Kjærgaard (worldwide exclusive) 

Style: Free
Booking period: 22-30 April + 6-12 oct
Planning to do oct. with Barry Guy if possible


Mat Maneri/ Lucian Ban duo ( Exslusive Scandinavia + selected EU countries):

Style: Modern improvised 

Booking period: 11-28 may in Europe 
Will release album via ECM in april 2013.

Simon Toldam Trio (worldwide exclusive)

Style: Piano, Modern improvised trio jazz
Booking period: 05-15 juli + 02-08 sept + 18-24 nov.


Jesper Zeuthen Trio + extra (worldwide exclusive)

Style: Free improvised
Booking period: 8-18 april + 21-27 oct. 2013



Partikel Trio (worldwide exclusive outside UK) 

Style: Modern trio jazz
Booking period: Open throughout 2013 + Scandinavia also: 7-9th december



Samuel Blaser Trio feat Marc Ducret + Peter Bruun  (Exclusive for Scandinavia ONLY!!)

Style: Impro/ free
Booking period: 3-11 nov.2013

++++ Special Festival 2013 period : 05 -15 July feat.

Samuel Blaser "Consort in Motion" feat. Russ Lossing, Drew Gress, Gerry Hemingway (Exclusive for Scandinavia ONLY!!)


Vein + Dave Liebman ( Exclusive for Scandinavia ONLY + selected EU)

Style: Modern jazz
Booking period:
01-15 July, 30-31 Aug as trio +  upon request.
 05-09 dec w. Dave Liebman.


Spacelab: (worldwide exclusive)

Style: Hammond club jazz
Booking period: Upon request 2013



Træben (Exclusive for Scandinavia ONLY + selected world) 


Style: Modern melodic jazz
Booking period: October + upon request


Hess is More. (EU Exclusive)

Style: pop with a twist/NOT JAZZ!!!
Booking period: November 2013