Dutch / Danish jazz Quartet Træben touring Canada

The Dutch / Danish jazz Quartet Træben will be heading for their very first North American tour this summer with 5 shows including headlining both Ottawa Jazz Festival and Sun Festival.

The Quartet has recently released the higly acclaimed ”Push”, recieving outstanding reviews across the jazz world. Træben is also taking the TOP 1+2 chart positions as the Most download tracks on All About Jazz (US)

For more info on the band, go directly to their website for music, video and goodies here:

The press on ”Push”

"On Push, Traeben is consistently playful, spacious and dynamic."
James Pearse (UK)

"Traeben may be Europe's top secret weapon. But with Push, the secret is out. This is a band which should have staying power."
Stephan Moore (USA)

"TRÆBEN is the epitome of a contemporary jazz band."
Jan Jasper Tamboer (NL)


Mat Maneri/ Lucian Ban - live and reviewed - coming back in 2013.

ECM Releasing duo Lucian Ban and Mat Maneri have released their wonderful debut album earlier this year on legendary ECM Recordings. ”Transylvania Concert” . An album that John Fordham from The Guardian describes as:

"Maneri's melancholy sound and imaginative phrasing have been guided by the philosophies of his microtonalist sax-playing father Joe, Ornette Coleman's free-jazz, 12-tone and baroque music – though he retains a clear affection for old-school jazz-violin swing. Ban suggests Keith Jarrett, Monk and early Abdullah Ibrahim with 20th-century classical infusions."

They toured Europe this spring along the release receiving both fantastic album reviews as live attention.

They will be ready for European bookings again for the period: 07-25 nov. Please contact PG Special Agent for further details at : pgspecialagent(a)gmail.com

Check some of the response from European media here:

Recent European tour (spring 2013)

May 11 Altes Pfandhaus, Cologne, Germany
May 12 A-Trane, Berlin, Berlin, Germany
May 14 Odeon Theater (with Evan Parker), Bucharest, Romania
May 16 Ploiesti Hot Jazz Summit, Toma Caragiu Theater, Ploiesti, Romania 
May 18 Napoca International Jazz Bluez & Wine Festival, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
May 19 Leonard International Music Festival, Galati, Romania 
May 21 Vortex, London, UK May 22 The Voice Box, Derby, UK
May 23 Newcastle University, Newcastle UK
May 24 Unerhört e.V. Neue Kirche, Wuppertal, Germany
May 25 Schauspielhaus, Bergneustadt, Germany
May 27 Porgy & Bess, Vienna, Austria
May 28 Unterfahrt, Munich, Germany
May 29 Limitationes, Deutsch-Minihof, Austria