Dutch / Danish jazz Quartet Træben touring Canada

The Dutch / Danish jazz Quartet Træben will be heading for their very first North American tour this summer with 5 shows including headlining both Ottawa Jazz Festival and Sun Festival.

The Quartet has recently released the higly acclaimed ”Push”, recieving outstanding reviews across the jazz world. Træben is also taking the TOP 1+2 chart positions as the Most download tracks on All About Jazz (US)

For more info on the band, go directly to their website for music, video and goodies here:

The press on ”Push”

"On Push, Traeben is consistently playful, spacious and dynamic."
James Pearse (UK)

"Traeben may be Europe's top secret weapon. But with Push, the secret is out. This is a band which should have staying power."
Stephan Moore (USA)

"TRÆBEN is the epitome of a contemporary jazz band."
Jan Jasper Tamboer (NL)

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