Equilibrium - THIRD REEL - Han Bennink Trio: More great Jazz bands to look forward to enjoy 2013 & 14


Han Bennink Trio


joining us here at PG

3 european jazz bands here at PG Special Agent. All of them with unique style, story and history.Their music is as inspirational  
as it is full of vitality.

Here you will find a short introduction to them. Tracks, biographical details, confirmed gigs + much more. Enjoy their world of music, and please do get in touch for any further info or booking request. A full list of for 2014 artists will soon be updated here on the site.

Feat. Mikkel Ploug, Joachim Badenhorst, Sissel Vera Pettersen.

Booking period: oct.nov 2014

 Autumn tour in connection to album release via Songlines Recordings.

Scandinavia exclusive except Denmark
Rest of the world non exclusive

With roots both in the Scandinavian and the european jazzscene, Equilibrium is a marvelous trio feat. Danish guitarist Mikkel Ploug, Belgian reed player Joachim badenhorst and singer/ keys is the amazing Sissel Vera Pettersen from Norway.

Equilibrium synthesise elements of jazz, folk/world, classical, minimalism and the avant-garde in a mixture of free improvisation and original compositions.The group has received critical acclaim from all over the world for the two studio albums ”Equilibrium” and ”Walking Voices” both out on Canadian label Songlines Recordings. The trio is made up of Norwegian vocalist/saxophonist Sissel Vera Pettersen who has worked with the likes of: Chick Corea, Marylin Mazur, Marc Ducret. Danish guitarist Mikkel Ploug, known for his work with saxophonists Mark Turner and Loren Stillman. Belgian reed player Joachim Badenhorst who plays with the Han Bennik trio and with Tony Malaby’s Novola, and on Downbeats HOT LIST 2013 

They are currently working on a new album due to release in 2014 via Songlines Recordings.

“…you can get a feeling of elevation, maybe even levitation. It’s that stunning…my favorite record of the year so far.” – Mark
Saleski, Jazz.com
Top 10 jazzalbum of the year 2009” The Epoch Times (NYC/World Wide)
Top 10 jazzalbum of the year 2009” Jazznyt - DK
Best albums of 2011” Jazzwrap
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Han Bennink Trio
Feat. Han Bennink, Joachim Badenhorst, Simon Toldam

Booking period:
2014: 15 april – 15 may+ upon request

Scandinavia Exclusive + non exclusive rest of the world.

Han Bennink was recently awarded The Skoda Jazz Award at Jazz Ahead. The 4th artist to be awarded the honour. For decades now Han Bennink has drummed himself through all jazz styles with esprit and humour.

Han Bennink is one of the most individual and stylistically open personalities of jazz of the past 40 years, a humoristic and vivid synthesis of the arts.” jazzahead!’s artistic directors Peter Schulze and Uli Beckerhoff agree.

Together with Danish pianist Simon Toldam and, yes again Joachim Badenhorst on reed, they have started this exciting trio. In the summer of 2008 Han formed the first band carrying his own name; Han Bennink Trio with Joachim Badenhorst and Simon Toldam. The trio has since its birth performed several very succesfull concerts across Europe and released their debut-album PARKEN in 2009. An album that has become one of Ilk Music absolute bestsellers. In 2012 their 2nd release ”Bennink & Co” also on Ilk Music.

The music has a very broad spectre of qualities and ranges from regular songs to taking off in adventurous abstract improvisations. The space between these extremities, is where Han Bennink Trio finds the joy of playing music.

Limits in jazz do not exist for 70 year old Han Bennink and that’s mainly the reason why he has played with the world’s giants, everywhere across the globe. Dexter Gordon, Sonny Rollins, Eric Dolphy, Derek Bailey, Cecil Taylor – to name a few – and not the least the collaboration through 50 years with fellow dutch free spirit Misha Mengelberg.
Now Bennink has found two young musicians who share the same free spirit:

Joachim Badenhorst (b.1981) is impressive in his versatility: he knows a wide variety of the jazz history; ranging from the Ellington horn section to as far as free jazz exponents such as Evan Parker. And on top of all he has a strikingly beautiful tone on both clarinet and bassclarinet.
He has received several prices in Belgium, and moved recently to NY on a 3 years artist-visa.

Simon Toldam (b.1979) is the one who sends the music in different directions with his witty interventions. He is a controlled player, who adds sublte sound-colors and restricts his playing to what the composition really needs. Sometimes a chord or a few solitary notes, on other moments using thick, dark clusters. He is an empathic player who reacts freely and originally to his fellow musicians.He has received 4 grammies in Denmark.

feat. Roberto Pianca, Nicolas Masson,Emanuele Maniscalco.

Booking period:
2013: November

Confirmed gigs:

July 9th / Goethe-institut, Portugal

July 27 Clusone Jaz, Italy

Aug. 29 Jazz Festival Willisau, Switzerland

Nov. 29  Unterfahrt, Germany

2014: TBC

Territory: The World exclusive

THIRD REEL is a mutual collaboration between guitarist Roberto Pianca, saxophonist Nicolas Masson and drummer Emanuele Maniscalco.

Released the highly acclaimed debut album on ECM Recordings in early 2013.

I got into this band via drummer Emanuele Maniscalco. He recently moved here to Copenhagen to finish his degree in Music. His solo projects and earlier various groups attached and moved me, and I think that this young trio has much to give and surprise you with for the future.

Each band member brings own compositions, always conceived as material for multiple, unpredictable developments, and with individual stylistic connotations: the music of Roberto is, in fact, minimal, based on a delicate and introverted kind of “tone vs harmony” approach; Nicolas uses more rhythmic parameters, while Emanuele melodic ones. The contemporary jazz lesson (from Brooklyn to northern Europe)  finds in this ensemble its personal response, unitary and aware of its influences and references. There is no need to impress audiences, but over time, the need of waiting for the ideal sound for every moment explored. The search for wonder without any fixed pattern manifests itself in depth. 

Recent Reviews:
Le Courrier, Switzerland
All About Jazz, USA 

Jazz Camera, UK  

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