Focus on: Samuel Blaser Trio feat. Marc Ducret & Peter Bruun

Samuel Blaser Trio feat.
Marc Ducret (gu)
Peter Bruun (dr)

Samuel Blaser Trio in the SRF Studio during recording session 
Finally live and kicking. Swiss tromboneplayer Samuel Blaser's new trio feat. French guitarist Marc Ducret and Danish drummer Peter Bruun (known also from Django Bartes Beloved Trio) has recently premiered live. At the Jazzdor Festival in Berlin as well as some selected dates in Europe. Henning Bolte  from All About Jazz wrote about the show:

Trombonist Samuel Blaser, guitarist Marc Ducret and drummer Peter Bruun provided a clear contrast. Their first public performance showed three amazing musicians in a cutting-edge appearance with every moment full of dense and colorful sound, seizing music and relentless surprise

Read more about the Trio concert and the Jazzdor Festival in Berlin here. 

They finished the tour with studio recordings at the SRF Studio in Zurich. The album is scheduled for next year via Hat Hut recordings. Follow the trio here.

The trio is scheduled for European dates and currently the schedule looks like this:

24.10 Basel, Switzerland
25.10 Umea, Sweden 
26.10 TBC
27.10 Bruxelles, Belgium
28.10 TBC
29.10 Newcastle, UK - TBC
30.10 Innsbruck, Austria
31.10 Lausanne, Switzerland
01.10 Dusseldorf, Germany
02.10 Heilbronn, Germany - TBC
03.10 Karlsruhe, Germany
04.10 TBC
05.10 TBC
06.10 TBC
07.10 TBC

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