Bogan Via; from the desert of Phoenix Arizona to a new label in Denmark

I am really excited these days. Finally – I get the time to release some of the music that I discover around and fall in love with. And...its not all jazz..ok ?  Music is more than just one genre. I'm still not sure where this project will go, but it will be for the music as I love. The beginning is now.

It all happens when least expected. Suddenly I am sitting here with these guys from Phoenix/ Arizona. lt began with a night out in a club in Arizona, and a few years later the music is doing it. It could have been earlier, as I have worked with labels, artists and music since the mid 90s. But it had to start in the desert of Arizona, and Bogan Via, the timing, the vibes are just right to get a label up and running. 
But now its here, part of the PG music buzz.
With PG Sounds I hope to explore various styles, artists from around the globe and music from different corners of music scenes.

Bogan Via - the first chapter:

The young American duo Bogan Via (Bret Bender & Madeleine Miller) have since 2011 been "hot new artist" in Arizona/ USA, where they have delighted audiences with their mix of synth- pop and folk rock.Now the duo is released in Scandinavia, and they will be playing live soon in this region of the world: from Tromsö to Odense in October .

The album " Wait Up " is out October 1, 2013 in Scandinavia.

" Wait Up " is the name of the album, which is packed with 13 catchy songs / 7 original + 6 remixes that draws on references to both pop, indie and folk. Remixes are here conceived as bonus on this release .

The single " Kanye " is the first radio single. The video is directed by Fredie Paull (MGMT , Sufjan Stevens, Bon Iver , Fleet Foxes and others), and shows Bogan Via, there cruising around one night in Phoenix with sharp pistols and rob the local record store .

From the dusty desert to the Arctic Circle : Live in Danish + Norway 2013

Bogan Via is invited to the innovative music festival Insomnia in Tromsö in Norway on 26th October and will of course also came to Denmark, where they play on October 24 in New Jersey and to a secret event in Copenhagen 23th October

Live Tour in Europe this october include

18 Oct - Les Caves Du Manoir / CH 
21 Oct - L' International / - Paris ( F)
23 Oct - Copenhagen / DK ( Secretly event TBC)
24 Oct - Odense / DK, Bobz 

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