The cd version of Lulu Rouge ”The Song is In the Drum” is finally here…for you

The 2nd album from Danish producer duo Lulu Rouge entitled "The Song is In The Drum" was released in 2013 on both super ltd. Vinyl (only 300 pressed! - and SOLD OUT) and as download world-wide. It was the first album release since 5 years old ”Bless You ” out on the Music for Dreams label. This time Buda and T.O.M is releasing all their material exclusively on their own label Lulu Rouge Recordings. Here at PG Special Agent we have been part of the process.

Their first releases on the very fine Lulu Rouge Recordings is the fantastic first single ”Sing Me Out” feat. Fanney Osk from Kurá. The single hit the clubs and minds world-wide last spring, and later came the final album ”The Song is in The Drum”. Released on the 29 april 2013. 11 tracks with such a deep amospheric bas, that your speakers will blast if you are not careful. As usual the productions are unique and sounds totally amazing. And recently the digital ep ”Sign Me Out – The remixes” was unleashed. And now, finally, - the cd is here. Along with 2 bonus tracks – you can now get the full sound experience.

Well – whats on it.. its all here, nearly..

Along the first 11 original album tracks you will be treated with the instrumental version of ”Romano Song” and the track ”Fyrkat”. And whereas to get it than directly from the artist – right ? 

Where to get it: Just drop in at the Lulu Rouge website, and you get the beauty there. You can listen to the album here, enjoy and support the artist..

Attention distributors / retailers: Please contact PG Special Agent for orders + details.

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