New album coming with Hess/ AC/ Hess Spacelab + release concert 21 march in Jazzhouse - Copenhagen

Hess/ AC/ Hess Spacelab
First steps into the new album 

Nikolaj 'The Champ' Hess -Piano / Wurlitzer / Organ
Anders 'AC 'Christensen - Accoustic / Electric Bass

Mikkel Hess - Drums

Spacelab continuously celebrates their 25 year anniversary. Dating back to shared childhood in Vejle, Denmark, it is still unclear when this group was actually formed - but the musical explorations feels like they are really just getting started.
Spacelab released their long anticipated first album 'Spacelab - The Champ' in 2009. The album was produced by the now legend Jens Mikkelsen and features the music of Nikolaj 'The Champ' Hess in full glory. The album is a celebration of the 7 year long (and ongoing) residency that Spacelab has held at Copenhagen Jazzhouse with Nikolaj as the bandleader. A late night series that over the years has turned into one of the praised traditions of The Copenhagen Jazz Festival.
Spacelab was named one lengthy night in Copenhagen 1997 under the influence of Violin, Piano and Percussion.

The new album.

On March 13th 2014 Hess/ AC/ Hess Spacelab is releasing their second album.
The trio has been working on the album for a long time. Several of the tunes have been an integral part of the trio's signature repertoire for years, while others are completely new.
The record will present an entirely acoustic and more poetic, subtle, deep felt side of the trio, where the first, acclaimed "Spacelab - The Champ" with Hammond organ, released in 2009, showed a wilder and unrestrained live feeling, created on Copenhagen Jazz Festivals intense night concerts over many years.

The new album is a beautiful and soulful record with 9 original tunes, including some of Hess/AC/Hess’s compositions for movies.
You can look forward contemporary and present trio jazz in its finest form, where intimate compositions and catchy grooves create a virtuoso, poetic musical universe.

1. Jamil (AC)
2. Up (N. Hess)
3. Super 8 (M. Hess)
4. Concorde Je T'aime (AC)
5. Altona (N. Hess)
6. Sunday Grace (M. Hess)
7. Habibi (AC)
8. New & Gone (N. Hess)
9. Lu Bird (M. Hess)

The Release concerts:

The trio will perform exclusive celebrations of the music live 

13. march Slagelse Musikhus. (Tickets here)

21. march Jazzhouse in Copenhagen  feat. special guests:
Anne Trolle, Rune Olesen & Gustaf Ljunggreen
More info on the show: Jazzhouse

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