Carsten Dahl returns to solo concerts in Denmark & Norway + with trio feat. Ginman & Rifbjerg

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Live dates in Copenhagen, Odense, Svendborg and Vossa Jazz 

Just back after a hectic tour with Reuben Rogers and Greg Hutchinson. For Carsten and the boys it was their first trio tour after a bunch of packed nights at Jazzhus Montmarte during early 2014.

on tour in Norway: Hutchinson/ Dahl/ Rogers ( Photo by Dahl)

Right their at the stage in Store Regnegade where it all started, and now out on tour in Norway, Germany and Denmark. In Norway the trio was caught by the most crazy thunderstorm up north. ”Ole” - as the thunderstorm was named basically closed Norway from Trondheim and up... The trio was snowed in Kiruna and never made it to Narvik and Tromsø. Hope to return soon, as the other gigs in Bergen, Oslo, Kongsberg and Berlin were all a big success. And the two final nights back at Jazzhus Montmartre were sold out.

Carsten Dahl Trio feat. Lennart Ginman and Frands Rifbjerg
Carsten keeps being busy and is now looking forward to new dates with his Danish trio feat. Bassist player Lennart Ginman and drummer Frands Rifbjerg. A trio he has been recording with since the late 1990's and is a strong vibrant trio full of soul and heart. With focus on standards they are legendary here in Denmark. But only rare live appearences

First two nights are this spring on the island Fyen

Jazzhouse 03rd march
Carsten Dahl returns to Jazzhouse on the 3rd March for a selected Copenhagen night. Last solo performance from Dahl at the Jazzhouse was during the DMA Jazz Awards 2013. This is a rare night in Copenhagen
In april Carsten will also return to Norway at the Vossa jazz Festival playing solo. And speaking about solo performances. We are currently working on show in Benelux, Finland and more. Keep updated on all gigs with Carsten Dahl at his website

Carsten Dahl has recently released the highly acclaimed ”Bach – The Godlberg Variations – Prepared piano” via Tiger music. It has been one of the best selling classical albums during 2014 in Denmark. Carsten will sadly not be touring this piece of music. It's simply impossible. You would have to arrange and prepare a piano for each and every variation. Meaning 32 pianos. But saying... You never know what happens. We might do it one day. Imaging that... 32 pianos and one room.



Fullface, Zetzum Zorglub, Dodebum and Bogan Via: New releases from PG Sounds

PG Sounds is busy these days. New artists getting a platform to show their talent, so you can be inspired. People like Bleep and The Lake Radio have already embraced the sounds from this small digital entrepreneur from the outskirts of Denmark. And we hope you will listen too.

Recent release is with Fullface. A full lenght album named ”Creoletronica” -  is made in the woods up north. Where the waves hits the shore with power and force. Where the wind grabs your hair and if you are lucky, even the wolfs might howl. Fullface is strong beats, free form programming and taking you on a musical trip you think you heard before, but no... Its jazz, world-music. Its Avantgarde and life. Full of energy.
"Creoletronica" balances between Computer Structures and Rootsy Sightseeing. Directed,chopped and assembled under the name FullFace. The output has become either a painters One-Man Band (Several seperate wiew-points and contrasting textures at once, as in a lot of contemporary visual arts)...Or maybe this maximalist expressionism has emerged thru a collective effort of fusionists engulfed in that weird smell of some reconstructed 70 ́s?... Is Fullface an image-maker who intends to paint directly on people's minds?... - Or is this a crew that equally wants to make dub, pumping porn-scores, and nu-jazz with a retro-modern approach? Judge by yourself ! 

In April PG Sounds will introduce its 6th release. This time also a new-comer, a shining new talent on the danish jazz scene. Zetzum Zorglub is a quartet from Odense, on the island Fyen. For most people in the world, best known for the writer of great fairytales H.C. Andersen.  This music is also about stories, that soon will be unveiled.

Zetzum Zorglub is foremost the young guitarist and composer Buster Jensen. Buster has worked with this music for more than a year now. Recorded mixed and mastered at Mill Factory-Mazza Mansion Copenhagen in the winter of 2014. The 6 tracks will be released on the 23 april 2015.

Danish electronica producer Dodebum made a big impact on the Bleep shop, and is one of the few Danish electronica artists to be on this very fine electronica shop.

3 eps so far and lots of live performances during 2014, among the the highlights was playing at Punkt Festival in Norway .

Dodebum is improvised electronica, hard to grab, hard to hold on to, but will keep you warm in the hearts. The wonderful radio The Lake , curated by Efterklang is already playing tracks from his ep. Check the radio, and get ready to travel beyond.
If you are around Denmark  you can catch Dodebum live collaborating with Maria Laurette Friis and Kresten Osgood. Check this link for info:

Future release will also be the Arizona darlings Bogan Via. Their 2nd album is soon due. One of the tracks were recorded during a Red Bull session in Copenhagen in collaboration with Danish singer KirstineStubbe Teglbjærg – former lead singer in Blue Foundation. More details soon on this, meanwhile the first single ”Madly” is already out. Enjoy the melodic synth pop here live from the rooftop: