Debut release from Zetzum Zorglub on PG Sounds is already getting international attention

Pick of the Week” - May 2015, Bird is the Worm

Guitarist Buster Jensen’s mix of post-rock, Nordic Jazz and ambient minimalism is pretty damn captivating.  Electric distortion is balanced by contemplative piano phrasings, warm infusions of saxophone harmonies, and a careful attention to how one moment flows into the next.  A strange beauty to this one.

Dave Sumner / www.birdistheworm.com

I love the Zetzum Zorglub, for sure!  It's exactly the kind of stuff I play on the show” 

Kevin Coultas, “Mingle” www.artxfm.com , Louisville

Here at PG Sounds it is the poetry and musical delight which is the driving force in releasing music. And with Zetzum Zorglub the pulse in the opening composition, "Raskol", was my first musical encounter with the 23-year-old guitarist and composer Buster Jensen. The softly heartbeat and the guitar solitary dance that finally kicks into an infernal moved me so much that I simply had to listen to more music from Zetzum Zorglub and finally releasing this debut. As the six compositions unfolded, I was in no doubt: Here is a young composer with something to say that is so fine and intimate. Still, explosive, elegant, hell-and outgoing.

The crew of the album is Kaare Bjerke on bass; Andreas Moller Bøttiger on tenor saxophone and piano; Sven Dam Meinild on alto saxophone and clarinet; Mikkel Aagaard Nielsen on trombone; MainTrack on drums and Buster Jensen on guitar. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Thor Madsen at The Mill Studio in Copenhagen during only 2 days of recording in late 2014.

Instead of writing a long press text, I would rather let the composer and the music speak. So I asked Buster to tell about each track. The inspiration, mood, landscape .. Listen and let yourself get carried away.

Zetzum Zorglub on the 6 compositions:

A compostion named after a Dostoyevsky novel. The book is very gloomy and melancholic, and I that's excatly what I wanted to capture here.

Fluen” (The fly)
Is built around three thematic lines. I would really have played them on the guitar, but by chance played Andreas lines on a piano, and I immediately fell for the sound. Andreas is not at all a pianist, but I like the little stumbling and naive sense, therefore the title .

I Kina Spiser De Bjerge/Beskidt Ole” (In China They Eat Mountains / Dirty Ole)
The story of Dirty Ole is very sad. He is my parents' neighbor, and therefore also mine when I was younger. Ole was a worn man with no teeth, and generally in a bad state. He was always friendly and welcoming. He has a girlfriend for a short period. It was not love that bound the two together, at least not in her case, and I think that Ole for long periods felt very uncomfortable, but who else would take him? Eventually he chose to take his life by hanging himself in her apple tree. He was called Dirty Ole.

“Bagmændene” (The Masterminds)
I wrote this compositon a long time ago. It has been played in a lot of different versions. Originally I wrote the melody first, which has led to periods of chords sometimes a little strange. It took me a really long time to find out if it would be a major or minor, but once I found starting notes in G minor, it all came togetherf.
Den Døde Murer” (The Dead Bricklayer)
I have not much to tell you about. Title is taken from a Danish kinder movie “Krummerne (The Crumbs) where the main character Krumme (Crumb) and his family move into a new house. It was rumored that a bricklayer was dead somewhere in the house.

This is a track named after someone in Dostoevsky's novel “The Idiot”. Myskjin believe in the best in people, I think it fit very well with this little tune, and the book made a great impression on me, so I dedicate the tune to him.

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