Updated News on album with Mette Juul "There is A Song" OUT NOW

Already making international headlines

Latest news (Updated)

Mette Juul is currently recieving big hype internationally for her forthcoming album "There is a Song".

ABC Jazz radio ( Biggest jazz radio in Australia) has made the album "Jazzpick" + "Release to watch out for" on their station right now as well a having her music on heavy rotation.

Link to program "A Danish song" 

From the UK the buzz is also building up with  reviews from some of the scenes most influential blogs such as Marlbank and Bebopspokenhere

"think an expressively creative voice steeped in vocal-jazz traditions landing somewhere between the sound of Anna Maria Jopek and Silje Nergaard – has a fine new album to be released next month"

Marlbank, Stephen Graham

"Danish, singer/songwriter, Juul is one of those artists who creep up on you and grow upon you and, as you absorb the melodies and the intriguing lyrics, suddenly you're in love with a voice"
Bebopspokenhere , Lance Liddle 

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And reviews, interviews in Benelux, Germany, Scandinavia  are confirmed.

"There is a Song" - the album

The Danish jazzscene is as strong as ever. The scene in Denmark has a long and strong tradition and The Danish vocalist and singer-songwriter Mette Juul is such a wonderful proof for that. I am really proud and honoured to working with Mette Juul on this project, and I am sure that you jazz fans will enjoy this fantastic album.

There Is A Song” is Mette Juuls forthcoming album, out via Universal Music on the 18th sept. Including 12 astonishing new compositions. The album will be available on CD and for download and stream on all major sites world-wide. And this with a breathtaking line-up:

 Mette Juul (DK) vocals / acoustic guitar
 Nikolaj Hess (DK) piano
 Ambrose Akinmusire (US) trumpet
 Rodney Green (US) drums 
Joe Sanders (US) bass 
Mike Moreno (US) electric guitar

About the album

Mette Juul’s third album is inspired by her personal, musical search and at the same time by her cooperation with the New York based trumpet player Ambrose Akinmusire, who was also featured on her second album. The album has become a journey into her inner self while also having been formed by her worldwide touring. The songs have been written in New York, Italy, Paris and Berlin and in her current home base in Copenhagen. Mette Juul has co-produced the album with New York based Danish piano player Nikolaj Hess, who has been in on the project from the very first jam session to the icy cold day of recording in New York City. His exuberance was an energizer, and his “less is more” style of playing lends a natural lightness to the songs. The bass player Joe Sanders (US) merges with her music and breathes freely, the drummer Rodney Green (US) favors the brushes on several songs, and the (US) guitarist Mike Moreno’s rhythmical sense and jazzy tone bring the songs closer to jazz stan- dards. Ambrose Akinmusire once again shows Juul that he has a special understanding of her songs and her texts and is an active collaborator in telling her stories.

There are songs all over the world

Ever since Mette Juul’s childhood songs have offered her a room of her own. With this joy of singing as a loyal partner through life she has written ten new songs for her new album: A song for her husband, a song for each city she has visited, songs for the ocean, the nature and the moon, a song for the Danish hamlet in which she grew up and a song for the place between two people. The album creates a ring around both the inner and the outer journey with a title song which clearly states that there are songs everywhere in the world worth listening to and people whose songs may inspire us. 

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