New releases on PG Sounds coming this spring

It's nearly spring here. Actually spring is early this year, at least here at the farmhouse on the island of Lolland... This is deep countryside, endless fields, forest, lakes and space for the loud soundsystem...and music has the internet... and then everything can become close.

Hunter As a Horse ”The Passenger”
 out 4th march – ep out 22 april 2016.
Berlin duo Hunter As a Horse is the 2nd international signing here on the PG Sounds label. And I am pretty excited. Been in touch with them for around 2 years now, and these songs are finally here. Along came old friend + producer Ewan Pearson on board and did an incredible work as producer. everSo much more are coming from them very very soon. 1st single “The Passenger” will be out the 4rh march with fantastic new video. And ep is scheduled for 22 april..I came in touch with them via my label work for Stella Polaris Music, but the sound of HAAH did'nt really fit into the label story there so I decided to keep in touch and listen to tracks. It was'nt far into the process that I suggested producer Ewan Pearson to join.. But what the band had'nt told me was, that he was already partner in crime. And now there are the first 5 songs ready. More coming, but with the ep” Two Magics. Vol. 1 ” and the opening single ”The Passenger”, there is plenty to enjoy soon.

"Hunter As a Horse play brilliant electro-pop, addictive and contemplative... they are a hot ticket for the future"
Time Out

Bringing to mind the mesmerising atmospherics of Lamb and Zero 7. Dark, and very lovely indeed."
The Guardian

"One of my favourite favourite bands"
Simon Raymonde from Bella Union/Amazing Radio

Alice Carreri – Go (Out 18 march)

I have worked with Alice since the first Lulu Rouge sessions and seen her graduation concert at the Royal Music School here in Copenhagen. She has appeared on numerous tracks and in so many styles of music.And she is always just her own... Her voice makes it...But this is the first time I am releasing a track with her. She came along to me with this little sweet song, and I adored it... Here it is.. Out on the 18 march 2016, it the anthem tune for annual ”Tag Fat Om Dansen” event... a great nationwide campaign promoting free dance and movement in the office, at home... where ever you are. Check out the crew Don Gnu


Blessed Feathers first European tour - Coming to Denmark spring 2016

Very first European shows with Arizona spiritual folk/americana duo Blessed Feathers.

Can you organise a tour with a band that you simply just love and would enjoy to see live ? Can I, who works with music every day still find the “true fan spirit” and approach a project “just as a fan” ?  Well, I have worked with music for more than 25 years and I do consider to be a fan of every artist I’ve  had the fantastic opportunity to work with. But when I approached Blessed Feathers nearly 5 months ago to ask them, if they wanted to come to Denmark and play, it was foremost  my fan heart that called them up. So right now, I am very proud. Foremost as fan but also as organiser. Finally I can confirm 6 live shows with Arizona duo Blessed Feathers. With these 6 exclusive gigs the band will be on their first visit to Europe.

 I discovered Blessed Feathers via the vinyl club Vinyl Me, Please. Basically I became a member of this vinyl club for 3 months just to get Blessed Feathers 3rd album ”There Will Be No Sad Tomorrow” on vinyl as fast as possible. Finally released autumn 2015.I fast collected all their vinyl albums from various shop across the american continent, and got totally hooked on the bands music vibes.

Blessed Feathers is the work and collaboration of Donivan Berube (Gui/ vocals) and Jacquelyn Berube ( Banjo/vocals). Along with the help from friends, fellow musicians who have followed and helped them on their way.

Maybe its just because I have a sentimental thing with Arizona. The desert heat and endless roads down south entering Yuma. Or driving through Flagstaff (hometown of Blessed Feathers) during a cold winter heading to the Grand Canyon. Or was in the story I got told from the old 2nd world-war veteran outside his mobile home one morning outside Sedona..? And as I already work with another Arizona band Bogan Via, it was natural for me to get across and contact Blessed Feathers to ask them, if they would be up for coming to Denmark and play. I thankfully they accepted the invitation, and now here around 4 month later I can confirm the very first European dates with this amazing band:

01 april: Copenhagen, Soundstation in-store show ( 16:30 afternoon)
02 april: Nivå, Åtoften, (home concert, afternoon show, more details here)
03 april: Maribo, LollandMusikskole (Facebook + ticket info  (afternoon show 15:00)

What really made fall in love with their music was their songs. They write really good songs. And then how the band has worked from album to album finding their sound and keep on working on the very essence in their songwriting and melodies. If you follow them from thier very first home-made recordings of ”FromThe Mouths Of The Middle Class” (2011) through ”PeacefulBeasts In An Ocean Of Weeds” (2012) , and ”Order Of The Arrow” (2014) to their latest 2015 ”There Will Be No Sad Tomorrow” you can hear how much this band has developed and how the sound has gone bigger. In their single “Wyoming/Dakota” from the latest album There Will Be No Sad Tomorrow” you here them explode into a true athem for the traveller. Falling in love with the country, struggle and surviving. The soul of the great american story is slowly unfolded. You feel the big american landscape, the travel along the roads, the songs being out there in the great wide open. Discovering yourself, meeting the world and new faces. Discovering with every note and get the song.

Wyoming, how could you do this to me?
How much more road could there be?

Rode through rain half of the day
Wishing that you weren't so gray
But sometimes there's no other way

Someday, I know we'll make it out alive, I know
Till then, I have to struggle and survive alone

For their shows tin Denmark, the line-up will be:

Donivan Berube (Gui/ vocals)
Jacquelyn Berube ( Banjo/vocals)
Ross Severson (Gui)

I am very thankful the great booking people from Voxhall, Global and Dexter for making this happen. And to Lollands/ Maribo Musikskole for opening up the doors for these fine musicians. And to family and friends dedicating themselves to this tour. And thank you Blessed Feathers. Its the music that makes it happen.It's gonna be a great travel, and along with the music, I am sure these guys will meet new friends.