Zetzum Zorglub about to release new album “Gentle Beast” feat. special guest performances by Gilad Hekselman and more

Zetzum Zorglub

Single release: “Afrika” 19 Aug. 2016 
(PG Sounds/ PGS015)

Album release: “Gentle Beast” 02 Sept 2016 
(PG Sounds/ PGS011)

When Danish guitarist Buster Jensen is releasing his 2nd album with Zetzum Zorglub on the 2 September 2016 its with a line-up including outstanding guest performances by guitarist GiladHekselman and saxplayer Lars Greve/Girls In Airports.
The album was recorded live with his strong band companions and producer Thor Madsen during 3 days in late 2015 at the outstanding Mill Factory Studios in Copenhagen. Most of the tracks were just rough ideas and short written themes and then further developed during the studio secessions that were to complete the final recordings.
Again, as with the debut album from 2015, the music is a compelling collection of styles and atmosphere. With the opener “Afrika” the listener is deep into the jungle of african vibes and
from there journey begins. Throughout the journey of this album you'll discover the pure spirituality of music and feeling of how these fine young musicians can make your mind dance.
Again the artwork is painted especially for this recording by Busters brother Simon Jensen, who is the secret creative force behind all the artwork and illustrations for Zetzum Zorglub.

The band line-up:
Kaare Bjerke,  Andreas Møller Bøttiger, Kristoffer Tophøj, Sven Dam Meinild, Buster Jensen.
Special guests: Gilad Hekselman on guitar; Lars Greve plays sax.

Full tracklist
  • Afrika
  • Let
  • Ilstedet
  • Lydspor Til En Film
  • Gentel Beast
  • Tremmer
  • Møg
  • Stille Nu
  • Rar Kulør
  • Vejr

You can listen to news tracks here in the awesome jazz radio programme The Mingle here with this weeks cover photo feat. Zetzum Zorglub during the recording session

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Some press from 1st album “Zetzum Zorglub” (released 2015)

Pick of the Week” - May 2015, Bird is the Worm
Guitarist Buster Jensen’s mix of post-rock, Nordic Jazz and ambient minimalism is pretty damn captivating.  Electric distortion is balanced by contemplative piano phrasings, warm infusions of saxophone harmonies, and a careful attention to how one moment flows into the next.  A strange beauty to this one.
Dave Sumner / www.birdistheworm.com

I love the Zetzum Zorglub, for sure!  It's exactly the kind of stuff I play on the show” 
Kevin Coultas, “Mingle” www.artxfm.com , Louisville

Der er hymner og ballader. Det er jazz med et stænk af nordisk blues og afstikkere til roots og country.”
Niels Overgaard, Denmark, Jazznyt, 2015

The excellence of this album lies in the minimalistic, sometimes looping structures and most of all in the intensive moments it creates. Mos Eisley, Germay, june 2015 / www.mos-eisley-music.blogspot.dk

Interview with Buster Jensen in Prepared Guitar - Read more

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