"Sundays In September" - The new sounds from Thor De Force - 4 tracks in 4 weeks

Thor De Force

Sundays In September”

Oktavia” Release date: 04.09.2016
Erozone” Release date: 11.09.2016 
Elvin” Release date: 18.09.2016 
Five Stars” Release date: 25.09.2016 

Here at PG Sounds I am extremely thrilled to announce ”Sundays In September "series with Danish producer/ muscian Thor De Force. The series consists of four single tracks, published over 4 Sundays in Septemper 2016 which has already been introduced with Thor De Force's animated stop-motion film "Next President? "

As a Dane born in the US, with the possibility to vote in elections in both countries, Thor De Force has a close relationship with both cultures. With November's election, it seems many thoughts going through the musician's mind. The great rift in American society seems clearer than ever before, but the divide is not just American; it is a flow that permeates Western culture.
Musically Thor De Force works around this mood in the 4 tracks. Blues, soul, electronica, jazz and deep grooves reminiscent of the great American tradition, but also the more cool Nordic - almost Bergmanske mood - and leads the listener through a long journey; a tour de force of beats and melancholy.

Follow the next four Sundays in Septemper when Thor De Force releases tracks on all digital platforms to stream, download worldwide.

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The interview

Label boss PG has forced Thor De Force to the table in the studio to talk more about his music, the tracks and what he is up to with all this....

What is going on here with this artist name Thor De Force ? Are you a dancing viking or a Jedi?

More of Jedi than a Viking...Jedi's are mad cool, can levitate and what not...Vikings on the other hand went around the world a killed, raped and robbed.

You travel a lot between NYC and CPH... Is this due to the fact that you actually are too confused to know where you wanna live, or do you just want to escape all the female fans ?? Just kidding... you are not swimming in female fans, so tell us, what so special about these 2 cities and their music scenes...?

What do you know about my female fans? Both NYC and CPH are great for music, both has an incredible density of great musicians. NYC has an edge that you don't find too many other places, something you can get quite addicted to and a reason to keep coming back.

Many musicians from all around the world want to make it big in NYC. You have played with a lot of them. If you should highlight 1-2 personal musical moments in the Big Apple, what would it be?

Too many great moments to narrow it down to 1 or 2.

You are a producer and you are a musician. You do you own tracks. But PG Sounds will also release some crazy stuff with the impro guitar rock God Buster Jensen and his fellow musicians in Zetzum Zorglub. You had you mind deep into their music. What nobs did you twerk [tweek] to get the sound so awesome good in these productions and how do you feel working with these guys ? I mean...their name could be a sloppy affair... or not ?

Buster is great to work with. He is very much about spur of the moment, the magic of first takes and keeping the musical mistakes intact. He really gave me the time and freedom to approach every single song from a new angle.

You are known to many for you guitar wizzard things. What is the best thing about guitars... and don’t come up with just punani talk..

I think of myself as a musician before a guitarplayer and I think all the people I like to play with are the same in regards to their chosen instrument. The guitar is an amazingly versatile instrument and sound-creation tool but in all honesty I could probably have been just as happy playing another instrument. In my next life I will be a drummer.

Your first video is a funny comment on the US election. Why are you concerned with who will be the next president ?

The american presidency is such a powerful institution and extremely important to the well being of the world. Who wins the White House is infinitely more important that who will be next prime minister of Denmark.

Now that Bernie Sanders has left the building, do you still think we can Feel The Burn ? - And was Bernie just too much of socialist for America ?

He got incredibly far in the race against all odds - before he set out to become the presidential candidate I thought yes, he is too much of a socialist but now I am not so sure. Everything is upside down not only in the american election but all over the world and A LOT of people are really, really fed up with the greed of capitalism and that greed is destabilizing the world - so why not a US socialist for president, obviously not this time but maybe next time...

When Bernie brought The Danish Model into the election, what did you think ? Is'nt he just glorifying The Danish Model because he is American and does'nt know better ?

A lot of people before Sanders have pointed to the Danish or Scandinavian model, Gorbachev among others. I think we should be extremely proud of that.

Do you think there is enough political music these days, and do you see yourself as an political artist or are you just another café latte political musician ?

I have not ever considered myself a political artist but that could change...whether somebody becomes a political voice in arts has a lot to do with circumstance and circumstances are changing.

What is it about this “Sundays in September” series... Are you a 9/11 freak ? I mean, were you there feeling the burn from the towers ?

I was in New York on 9/11 and I think of that day as one of the two most important geopolitical events in my life-time, the other being the fall of the Berlin wall. What happened on 9/11 and really mostly what happened after that day came to change the world.

Back to the tracks. You release 4 tracks in a month and non[e] of the[m] are with vocals. Lets go through them :

Oktavia” - you make a stop/motion video about the US election, but nobody is saying any political statements in that tune. What’s then the point [of] bringing any political point of views into a tune that is totally not political, or is there some kind of twisted nerdy sample of a statement that only can be heard playing the tune backwards ?

There is always a point in making a political statement. Instrumental music is not the best medium for political statements, videos are great for that.

Erozone” - Do you prefer to get paid in € or USD or what else is the point with such a title ?

Erozone is an old title and actually, the core composition of that particular track is 15 years old. The title has always intrigued me and has a magic sound to my ears. We are so used to hearing the word eurozone which is about the unsexiest word I know, but just remove one letter and it is whole different ballgame.

Elvin” - who is that guy ? Is that a secret son you have or your inner self ?

That track pays homage Elvin Jones. You listen to the track and tell me how !!:)

Five Stars” - There are 50 states in the US and 50 stars in Stars & Stripes, so whats up with these 5 stars ?

The track was originally written for 5 guitarist equally featured thus 5 stars. Even though the track morphed into something slightly different I chose to keep the title.

Talking tracks... Can tunes still change the world like your musical heroes did such as Hendrix ?

That is a great question - does art still matter or has it just become pleasant wallpaper? My heroes - Marley, Miles, Fela, Jimi - changed the world with their art but that is not something that comes along every day or every decade.

And talking Hendrix.. Tell me about your Hendrix love..How old were you when you could possible comprehend that that Hendrix was – and still is - a guitar God ?

When my parents returned to Denmark from Chicago in 1971 they brought with them a bunch of LPs - Electric Ladyland was one of them and I grew up on Hendrix. So in a way I guess I have always known.

I know you personally and I like you political point of view. But should'nt you raise you children more like Captain Fantastic (played by Viggo Mortensen), move out of the city and learn your girls to kill a deer with bare hands in order to be “real” ? I mean, I live currently in Nuuk, Greenland, and the first think I did was to throw my 5 year old son onto a icebrick and see if he could swim back..So you as hardcore as you pretend ?

I don’t pretend to be hardcore in that regard. I feed off the energy of the city and love ‘em big like New York, Sao Paulo and Mumbai. Maybe there will come a time when I start to feed off of solitude and wild nature, just hasn’t happened yet.

The future of Thor De Force - Whats next, can we expect more tracks soon and what about live ?

Yes expect both more tracks and killer live shows!

Did I miss anything. Is there a question that you wanted me to ask but I did'nt ?

When do I get paid?

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