In PG Special Agent I work and promote electronic producers, djs and artists.
Please find here information about the list of current artists currently active here at the office.

  • Lulu Rouge
  • Bro /Knak
  • Hessismore
  • Mikkel Metal
  • Baba Black

Lulu Rouge

Electronica producer team from Copenhagen. I run their label and distribution.

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Bro/ Knak

Musical style: Jazz, electronica, experimental
Instrument: Guitar, efx, electronics
Nationality: Danish

Jakob Bro
Thomas Knak

Jakob Bro and Thomas Knak will be releasing their collaboration album 06 July 2012 via Bro's label Loveland Records. The album is a spectacular musical journey into the compositions from two of the most influential talents from the Danish jazz and electronica scene.

Jakob Bro has already released and recorded music with Paul Motian, Bill Frisell, Lee Konitz, Ben Turner, Tomasz Stanko, Thomas Morgan, Kurt Rosenwinkel and other jazz stars. 4 Danish Music Awards and  8 releases as a bandleader.

Thomas Knak has produced albums since the early 90s with acts such as Future 3, System, People Press Play,  Opto, Alva Noto and produced for Björk, OH Land. Releases include labels such as Morr Music, Scape, April Records, City Center Office.  Been running the label Hobby Industries since 1999 with the legendary release of "Objects for An Ideal Home"

Will be headlining Roskilde Festival , July 06th, 2012. Autumn tour will bring the around Denmark in October. Dates TBC. Already available for booking throughout Feb. 2013 and on request. 



Musical style: Pop, jazz, electronica, disco
Instrument: All kinds of
Nationality: Danish, living in New York


Mikkel Hess is the bandleader and founder of the Hessismore. A band, a vibe and experience  that seems to be inspired by musical contradictions..or not.. You'll find jazz, movie soundtracks, pop, disco and sing/songwriter references on all his albums. From strange pop tunes such as the radio hit "Yess Boss"  to more unusual Rosenkrantz & Gyldenstjerne er døde in his musical universe. They are coming out with new album due for 2011. More info soon here. album coming out on Nublu Records in the US and rest of the world TBC.

Will be touring late 2011 and spring 2012 the finest jazzcompers and musicians form his generation. I am very pleased to work with him on various artist related projects. Both as sideman in Thomasz Stanko Quintet and Poul Motian Band as well as solo artist is his one of the most exciting and highprofiled young jazzmusicians from Denmark.

Mikkel Metal

Musical style: Minimal electronica
Instrument: computer
Nationality: Danish, Copenhagen


Mikkel Metal aka Mikkel Meldgaard, born 1973, lives and works in Copenhagen.His musical career started 12 years ago as a guitarist. Equally interested in the introspective sound of the British shoe gazer-scene and the looser low-fi aesthetic of American slacker bands, he played in various bands and developed as a guitarist
By the mid-nineties he had grown an interest in electronic music, and bought a sampler. At first the focus laid on break beat music and melodic stuff. Later the direction changed towards a sound inspired by dub, techno, and click sensibilities. While the indierock is still apparent, this is the sound that characterised Mikkel’s music today.
Things kicked off in 2000, with the release a 7-inch on the label Hal9000, that topped the magazine de:bug’s monthly chart (no. 42). Afterwards came an appearance on the net label datamusik, and a series of 12" on the Danish label Echocord.

Mikkel developed and refined his sound, and also started issuing work to German label Kompakt. So far this has thrown off three 12’ inches. These works still continuing click-aesthetic and dub-influence, but take a slightly different path, and go from shuffle techno to slow melodic 4/4-based tracks.

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Trans Metro Express - Mikkel Metal in the Copenhagen Metro from Metro on Vimeo.

Baba Black DJs

Dj Buda

Musical style:  Techno, slamming
Instrument: DJ1000+ mixers + effects
Nationality: Danish

 Artist Myspace

Baba Black is actually the evil Twin of Lulu Rouge .  DJ T.O.M. and Buda, two of the most respected DJs and producers on the Copenhagen scene. Both of these two travellers have been around crashing club land for a decade and a half with both their uptempo tech sets as well as chilled.
With their music and productions these two chess playing gentlemen are represented on more than 100 of the biggest compilations worldwide. For instance series like Global Underground, Costes, BBC Blue Sessions, Luftkastellet, Mambo and Buddha Bar. Today the 2 DJ heads, producers and long time friends are appearing on more than 200 releases. As Lulu Rouge they have set the standards for remixes and productions for such artists as  With remixes for Moby, Booka Shade, Groove Armada, Trentemøller, Bomb the Bass, Blank & Jones, Camille Jones.

Services at Special Agent: 
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