References & past clients + professional history 1992- 2013

This section features references:

•    Past Client List
•    Past Musical history – detailed.

Past Clients ( in no particular order): Past clients 2010-13.


•    Jakob Bro (DK) - Consultance, booking, promotion 
•    Bro/Knak (DK) - Consultance, booking, promotion 
•    Jakob Bro/Thomas Morgan / Jon Christensen (DK/US/N) - Booking
•    Niels Løkkegaard (DK) - Consultance, promotion
•    Lars Greve & Carsten Dahl Duo  
(DK) - Booking

•    IKI (DK) - Consultance, promotion
•    Jasper Hoiby (DK) - Consultance
•    Joel Harrison (US) - Booking
•    Fredrik Lundin (DK) - Consultance, booking

•    Little Red Suitcase (DK) - Consultance, booking, promotion 
•    Simon Toldam (DK) - Consultance
•    Sinne Eeg 
(DK) - Consultance
•    Ryan Blotnick (US) - Booking

Coporate & organisations.

•    Images Festival (DK)  

Artist and creative partners from the past that I have worked / collaborated with between 1997-2007.


•    Camille Jones (DK)
•    Opiate (DK)
•    Bjørn Svin (DK)
•    Dj Krush (Japan)
•    Tatsuki (Japan)
•    Blue Foundation (DK)
•    Lulu Rouge (DK)
•    Banzai Republic (DK)
•    LTJ Bukem (UK)
•    Calm (Japan)
•    Monolake (D)
•    Carsten Nicolai (D)
•    Burnt Friendmann + Jaki Liebezeit (D)
•    Two Banks of Four (UK)
•    Efterklang (DK)
•    Ewan Pearson (UK)
•    Minologue (SWE)
•    ôzgyr Can (SWE)
•    DJ Lab (DK)
•    Wazzabi (DK)
•    Numb (Japan)
•    DJ Klock (Japan)
•    Lotte Anker (DK)
•    jakob Anderskov Accident (DK)
•    Jazzkamikaze (DK)
•    Pelding (DK)
•    Håkan Lidbo (SWE)

Music Labels

•    Soma (UK)
•    Ninja Tune (UK)
•    Warp (UK)
•    Music For Dreams (DK)
•    Virgin/ EMI Music (DK)
•    Compost Records (D)
•    Renaissance (UK)
•    Jacques Laverne records /Jack To Phono (UK)
•    April Records (DK)
•    Global Underground (UK)
•    April Records (DK)

Festivals + organisations

•    Images Festival
•    Roskilde Festival
•    Copenhagen Jazz Festival
•    Jazz Danmark
•    Jazz Ahead
•    ICA London
•    Charlottenborg
•    Rosa


•    1% Artmagazine (DK)
•    Zync Music (USA)
•    April Records (DK)
•    Zona de Orbras (ESP)

Creative coporate partners

•    Alis (DK)
•    Le-Fix (DK)
•    Ortofon (DK)
•    Guess Jeans (Italy)
•    Peter Schaufuss Balletten

Past Musical History: 1992 - 2010

This is a brief history of some of the musical projects i have been involved in since 1992.


PG Special Agent.
Establishing PG Special Agent. Freelance consultancy for music and media marketing.


Label manager for Stella Polaris Music.
Label manager for Stella Polaris Music, now part of the Special Agent services


Camille Jones.A&R for producer to her album "Barking up the Wrong Tree".

Jazz Danmark Export consultant for JAzz Danmark, promoting Danish jazz internationally with the program "Danish Jazz Launch".

Blue Foundation Manager for Blue Foundation. Rreleasing 2 albums via Virgin/EMI.  Winner of Danish Music Awards 2005. Album "Sweep of Days" selling Gold in Denmark.


Executive Producer Remix producer for Blue Foundation with remixes by Minilogue, Ozgyr Can, Wazzabi, Trentemøller, Buda.


Copenhagen Jazz festival/ Future Sound of Jazz A&R, organizer and host for Future Sound of Jazz events during Copenhagen Jazz Festival. Presenting live performances with:Blue Foundation, Efterklang, Two Banks of Four, Burnt Friedman + Jaki Liebezeit, Tatsuki and more.


EMI/ Music For Dreams Product manager. Worked with the wonderful MFD crew in the early years at EMI. Released albums with Banzai Republic, Calm, Kenneth  Bager and compilations.

1999-2006: Roskilde Festival, Metropol Stage/ Electronic stage.

Booker for electronic repertoire; resident DJ and host at the electronic/dance/club stage at Roskilde Festival.


Voices of Wonder/ VME Group. Sales and label manager at Voices of Wonder music distribution. Label manager for labels such as: Ninja Tune, Soma, Warp Records, Good Looking Records, Nuphonic, React, Matador, Chemical Underground. Main repertoire focus on electronic and indie.


April Records. Label manager. Released albums with Opiate, Future 3, Bjørn Svin a.m.o


April Sessions London + Copenhagen.Curator and organizer of April Sessions at ICA, London. Introducing Scandinavian electronica and art. Became April Club at Stengade in Copenhagen.

College Radio Copenhagen. Journalist and music freak at University Radio in Copenhagen. Interviewing bands such as Free Kitten/ Kim Gordon, Pavement, Therapy!, P.W.O.G, Garage, Exquisite Corpse, Jesus Lizzards, Steve Wynn, Jimmy Tenor, Miranda Sex Garden and a whole bunch of indie and club acts..


Play It Again Sam. Record Shop.Sales person in a now legendary independent record shop in Copenhagen.

Jam Magazine. Journalist at the local music magazine Jam in Odense. My first ever record review appeared in this magazine. It was on  C.V. Jørgensen "Indian Summer".